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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Has Shagun Succeeded In Separating Raman & Ishita?

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shagun is trying her best to separate Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi). She uses Pihu as her trump card, to separate the love birds.

Shagun has been barred from meeting her daughter Pihu. She gets annoyed and decides to somehow get Pihu back in her life. But, Raman and Ishita, who have swapped their works for Pihu, snatch all opportunities from Shagun.

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Raman Lashes Out At Shagun

Shagun goes to the restaurant to meet her daughter Pihu, but Raman stops her. Raman lashes out at Shagun and asks her to stay away from Pihu.

Ruhi & Ishita

Ruhi is shocked to see Ishita. She gets to know how Shagun stopped Raman and Ishita from going out using Pihu! Ruhi gets angry and is concerned for Raman, and asks Ishita to go to the restaurant to make sure Shagun doesn't create a drama.

Shagun's New Trick

In the upcoming episode, Shagun says that she will sign on the papers that declare Pihu is independent. Raman and Ishita look shocked at Shagun's trick!

Pihu Hates Ishita

Pihu hates Ishita, as Shagun would have filled her ears against Ishita. Ishita decides to leave the house for Pihu, and asks Shagun not to sign on the papers!

Has Shagun Succeeded In Separating Raman & Ishita?

So, has Shagun succeeded in separating Raman and Ishita? No, not yet!! IshRa will not accept defeat so easily. Ishita might leave the house, but she will help Raman in all possible ways.

Shagun In Hospital

In the upcoming episode, Ishita will decide to teach Shagun a lesson. According to the latest spoiler, Shagun visits the clinic as she suffers from a toothache.


Ishita gets to see Shagun and takes her to her cabin. Shagun is accompanied by Pihu. Ishita tests Shagun's teeth and makes faces! Shagun asks Pihu to help her leave from Ishita's cabin, but in vain.

Ishita Gives Injection To Shagun!

Ishita also gives her the anaesthesia injection, so that Shagun will not be able to speak for sometime (as her mouth becomes numb). She shouts at Ishita that she will not spare her!

Raman & Shagun Laugh At Shagun!

Raman will be watching the scene from the window. He and Ishita laugh at Shagun. He asks Ishita that if the injection was harmful, to which Ishita tells that she has just given a dose, and Shagun will be alright in sometime!

Raman Participate In Cooking Competition

Also, Raman will be seen participating in the cooking competition with Pihu. The Bhalla family cheers Raman. But while cooking Raman burns his fingers!

Adi & Raman

Adi and Ishita rush to help Raman. Ishita asks for the first aid kit. Will Raman quit the competition? No, he decides to continue, and the ladies around cheer him.

Ishita Helps Raman To Win!

Ishita will also take part in the competition. She will be seen helping Raman by signalling him. With this, Raman wins first place in the cooking competition for Pihu!

At office, Ishita manage to get a deal for Raman's company, while Raman manages the meeting at Pihu's school. He requests the school authorities to give him permission to participate in the cooking competition, in which usually the mother and the kid participate. Raman manages to get the approval for his participation with Pihu, in the cooking competition.

Shagun is annoyed, as she won't be able to take part in the competition with Pihu. She also gets to know that Ishita and Raman have arranged for a candle light dinner in a restaurant. She decides to ruin their plan and calls Pihu.

At home, Raman and Ishita lie to the family members to go out for a date. They say that they are going to meet their friends, while the family members know they are going out for a date. Adi and Ruhi tease Raman and Ishita, who somehow manage to escape the notice of the family members, and leave the house.

Watch: Ishita And Raman Goes Out For Candlelight Dinner - Yeh Hai Mohabbatein - 29th August 2016

Pihu stops Ishita and Raman from going out, as Shagun had brainwashed Pihu. Raman and Ishita are disappointed, not because they couldn't go together, but because Shagun is using her little daughter to take revenge on Ishita! (Continued on slides)

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