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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Check Out How Raman Saves Ishita From Being Hanged!

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Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) fans must be upset seeing the couple in trouble, on the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. It is also known to all that even though Raman and his family tried to save Ishita from being hanged, the court proves her guilty and she will be given death sentence.

Also, the latest spoilers reveal that Raman will push Ishita off a cliff! Well, if you are die-hard IshRa fans, then you must have guessed Raman would never kill his wife Ishita. Moreover, if Ishita dies, how will the show proceed?

Ishita & Raman

Ishita will be given permission to see Ruhi as she was in serious condition. To patch up Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer, Ishita and Raman decide to celebrate their anniversary. But this doesn't go well with Sarika, and she calls the police.

Raman & Nidhi

Ishita will be arrested and her trial gets tough. She will be given death penalty. Ishita's lawyer, Nidhi blames Raman for Ishita's condition, while Raman asks Nidhi to release his wife from the jail!

Ishita Meets Family

In the upcoming episodes, Iyer and Bhalla family meet Ishita in jail. It will be an emotional moment as everyone will be upset to see Ishita, who tried to help Pallavi, was proved guilty and punished.

Ishita Meets Raman

Raman and Ishita share an emotional moment as well. Ishita tells Raman that she is content with life that she got lovely husband and family. She has achieved everything in her life.

Ishita To Be Hanged

Ishita will be taken by the police to be hanged, but Raman manages to take Ishita with him to a secluded place. According to the spoiler, Raman pushes Ishita off a cliff, even after Ishita begs for life!

Raman Fakes Ishita's Death

Well, those who think Raman killed his wife, you are wrong. Raman fakes Ishita's death to save her from being hanged! How will Raman take Ishita with him? How will he save Ishita by faking her death? Stay locked to this space to get the latest updates...

In the previous episode, Ishita will be proved guilty and the court orders to hang Ishita within three days. Raman requests Nidhi to rescue Ishita, they also decide to appeal to the Supreme Court. Although Raman and Nidhi try their best to get Ishita out, they won't be successful.

On the other hand, Shagun and Mrs Bhalla seek the NGO's help. The head of the NGO asks time. At home, Sarika reveals about Ishita's trial, to the kids, who get tensed, while Simmi gets angry at Sarika and warns her.

Also, Raman's kids request the jail's only jallad to take a holiday. If the jallad goes on leave, then they might get some time to rescue Ishita from jail. The jallad doesn't assure to take holiday, but tells them that he would try to help them.

Meanwhile, Vandhu thinks she is responsible for Ishita's condition and drinks alcohol. It has to be recalled that Sarika mixes poison in the milk that Vandhu has prepared for Shagun. Instead of Shagun, Ruhi drinks the poisoned milk and gets admitted in the hospital. Mrs Bhalla blames Vandhu for Ruhi's condition that will not go well with Mrs Iyer. (Read the story and the spoiler in the slides)

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