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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Exposes Shagun; Raman Shocks Ishita By Supporting Shagun!


In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, major drama will unfold after Ishita gets to know about Shagun's reality. Ishita gets to know that Shagun was behind her kidnap and reveals it to Raman. Even though Ishita has evidences against Shagun, Raman doesn't trust Ishita and supports Shagun!

We had already reported in the spoiler, how Shagun gets uncomfortable after Abhishek mentions about the confession letter that the kidnapper had written for Raman. Shagun keenly listens to Abhishek's conversation with Raman.

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Ishita Wishes Shagun

Ishita is happy for Shagun and her friend Mani, as they are all set for the marriage. The family members also wish Shagun and they get busy with the marriage preparations.

Ishita Finds The Letter

Ishita would go to Shagun's room to check a file and finds the kidnapper's letter. Shagun would have hided the letter as she knew that the kidnapper would have mentioned her name behind Ishita's kidnap.

Ishita Reads The Letter

Ishita reads the letter and she will be shocked to know that Shagun was behind her kidnapping. It has to be recalled that after Ishita was back in the Bhalla house, Shagun gets insecure and she decides to take revenge from Ishita.

Ishita & Raman's Argument

Shagun had got her family and children back after Ishita left. But with Ishita's return, she felt that she was not given priority in the house. Ishita reveals about the letter to Raman.

Ishita Exposes Shagun

In the police station, Ishita exposes Shagun. The family members will be shocked and Raman doesn't believe Ishita. While Shagun very cleverly puts all blame on Ashok, shocking him.

Shagun Plays Her Card!

Shagun plays her card. She lies to them that it was not the kidnapper, but Ashok who wrote the letter and he is the real kidnapper, shocking Ashok himself, Ishita and the family members.

Raman Lashes Out At Ishita

With this, Shagun proves herself innocent and Raman lashes out at Ishita. He shouts at Ishita saying, 'how can she blame Shagun, who took care of the family and children, in her absence, for seven long years'.

Shagun Challenges Ishita

Now that Ishita knows Shagun's negative shades, the latter challenges Ishita to prove her guilty. She also challenges over Pihu's custody.

Raman searches at home and gets disappointed as he doesn't get the letter. Ishita suggests him to search in the office as the kidnapper knew his office address. Shagun gets alerted and join hands with Ashok to get the letter.

Before Raman could reach the office, Ashok reach Raman's cabin and searches for the letter. It will be known in today's episode, if Ashok got the letter or not!

According to the latest spoiler, Shagun manages to get the letter. Ishita finds a letter. She gets to know that Shagun is behind her kidnap. She reveals it to Raman, who in turn starts shouting at her.

Apparently, Ishita calls the family members to the police station and accuses Shagun. Shockingly, Shagun will call Ashok to the police station, and very cleverly, she puts all blame on him.

Raman lashes out at Ishita supporting Shagun. He tells Ishita that it was Shagun who took care of her children, when she was away for seven long years and now she blames Shagun!

Well, the story will turn interesting after Shagun challenges Ishita!

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