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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Kills Mr Chaddha; Ishita-Raman To Separate; Ruhi In Trouble!

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will land into big trouble as she accidentally kills Mr Chaddha while saving Pallavi. Mr Chaddha will get to know that Pallavi is Rohit's mother and tries to hurt and kill her.

In the previous episode, we saw how Ishita and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) make Pallavi reveal the truth that Rohit was her child. Rohit would have got injured and doctor ask them to get their parents as he needs blood. Since his blood group was rare, Ishita and Shagun convince Pallavi to donate blood to Rohit.


Ishita would be trying to reach ACP Abhishek, but in vain as she doesn't get mobile network. She gets worried about Pallavi. Somehow, Pallavi manages to untie herself and shouts for Ishita's help.

Pallavi Hurt

Ishita is shocked to see Pallavi in bad condition. Amar hold Pallavi and tries to kill her. Ishita barges inside the house.

Ishita, Pallavi & Chaddha

Ishita tries to stop Mr Chaddha from killing Pallavi. She also asks Pallavi to run from the place, but Pallavi refuses to leave Ishita alone. Mr Chaddha asks Ishita not to come in between husband and wife's fight.

Ishita Kills Mr Chaddha

The fight gets serious and while saving Pallavi and herself from Mr Chaddha, accidentally, Ishita stabs him. Chaddha pushes Ishita, while he falls dead on bed!

Ishita Shocked

Pallavi tells Ishita that Amar is dead, but Ishita doesn't believe. She checks his nerves and confirm him dead and cries for the crime she had committed!

Pallavi & Ishita

Pallavi and Ishita decide to hide the dead body, but guilty Ishita confesses her crime and gets arrested. Raman believes Ishita and knows that the murder happened accidently. He tries to save her by appointing the best lawyer for the case.

Raman's Lawyer

The famous lawyer whom Raman wants to appoint will be very demanding. He agrees to give how much ever money she needs, but the lady asks him something which shocks him.

IshRa To Part Ways!

Apparently, Nidhi Chabra, the lawyer, will ask Raman to marry her to save Ishita! Raman will marry Nidhi, which will separate the couple. Ishita will get free after Raman and Nidhi's marriage.

Ruhi In Trouble

Also, Ashok, another trouble maker in Ishita and Raman's life, will attach a bomb in Ruhi's costume during the Republic Day celebrations. And guess who will save Ruhi? No, it is not Ishimaa or Raman!


It is ACP Abhishek who will be saving Ruhi from Ashok. Not it has to be seen, if Ishita will get to know about Raman's sacrifice? What will happen to Ishita after she separates from Raman? Is this the end of IshRa's love story? Stay locked to this space to get latest updates of the show.

The duo also gets to know that Pallavi loved someone before marriage and it is their baby. Their parents get Pallavi married to Mr Chaddha. When he was in London, she delivered the baby and sent him to orphanage.

Pallavi also apologises to Ishita as she attacked her in fear thinking the truth would come out. Pallavi asks Shagun and Ishita to keep this as secret as she fears Amar (Mr Chaddha).

Mr Chaddha overhears their conversation, but pretends not to have heard in front of Ishita, Shagun and Pallavi. He asks Ishita and Shagun not to interfere in their family matters and leaves. He also behaves good in front of Pallavi and tells her that he has decided to spend some good time with her.

Pallavi who is happy with Amar's changed behaviour tells the same to Ishita, who is happy for her. But Shagun doubts about Amar.
Aman will misbehave with Pallavi and tries to kill her locking her in a room. But somehow Pallavi manages to escape and calls Ishita.

Pallavi informs Ishita that she is in danger and needs her help. Ishita reaches Pallavi's home, but Mr Chaddha ties Pallavi, and tells Ishita that Pallavi is not at home. (Click on the slides to read the story and spoilers)

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