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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Ishita’s Plan To Trap Kunal Backfires; Ishita & Mihika Get Arrested!

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, a new villain has entered Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman's lives. The person, whom they thought would help them in getting Pihu's custody, turns out to be their enemy!

Yes, we are talking about the lawyer, Kunal, who has joined hands with Ashok to ruin Raman's life. It has to be recalled that someone has been blackmailing Mihika with hers and Mihir's pictures together. The blackmailer also threatens to expose her in front of her family. (Check Out The Spoilers With Pictures...)

Ishita & Mihika

Ishita and Mihika get to know that Kunal is the person who is blackmailing Mihika with a CD that has Mihir and Mihika's picture. He would have asked Mihika to give him money to get the CD.

Kunal Is The Blackmailer!

The sisters decide to trap Kunal. Unfortunately, they get trapped. Their plan backfires as Kunal would have played his game. He would have called the media and police to the venue, where the sisters were asked to meet him (blackmailer).

Ishita & Mihika Get Arrested!

The police arrest Mihika and Ishita, accusing them of blackmailing. The media ask weird questions, which embarrass Ishita and Mihika. They try to avoid the media.


It has to be recalled that Kunal is a lawyer and Raman had approached him to fight Pihu's custody case. After this incident, Kunal starts avoiding Raman, and also refuses to take his case.

Kunal, An Old Rival!

Also, it is known that Kunal has joined hands with Ashok. They are all set to ruin the Bhalla family. Apparently, Kunal is an old rival of Raman. The story behind this is yet to be revealed.

Mihika Consoles Ishita

Meanwhile, Ishita gets to know that Pihu had taken sleeping pills. Ishita blames herself for this, while Mihika consoles her.

Aliya Reveals The Truth

Shockingly, they get to know from Aliya that Shagun was behind this. Ishita plans to extract truth from Pihu to know who had given her the tablets - whether she took it herself of Shagun gave her.

Aliya's Plan

They are aware that Pihu would be manipulated in Shagun's presence. So, Aliya makes a plan to divert Shagun. She decides to organise a fashion show. With this, Shagun will be diverted and Ishita can make use of the opportunity to take Pihu to the child counsellor to know the truth.

How Will Ishita & Mihika Escape?

Well, whether this incident happens before or after Ishita's arrest is yet to be known. Also, it has to be seen how Raman would bail Ishita out and what would his reaction be!

Although, Mihika tries to reveal the truth to Romi, she doesn't get the opportunity. As Romi would be busy with some or the other work. The blackmailer takes advantage of it. He also keeps an eye on every move that Mihika makes.

Mihika changes her SIM to avoid the blackmailer, but he gets the new number as well. Ishita gets to know about her sister's problem and decides to help her. The blackmailer also asks Mihika to get money, to take the CD.

At Adi and Aliya's engagement ceremony, Ishita doubts that the blackmailer is Kunal. Ishita plans to confront Kunal. But, thinks of the consequences and stops. She plots a plan to trap Kunal.

Meanwhile, Raman's employers are seen decorating the factory during Diwali. Ruhi arranges for the pooja. She also watches Mihir stealing money from the locker and is shocked. But, she doesn't confront him.

Ishita asks Mihika to lie to Raman saying that she has an urgent appointment in the hospital and will be late/cannot attend the pooja!

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