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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Mani & Raman Separate Adi & Aliya; The Show To Take A Leap! (PICS)

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shagun and Ashok have been creating trouble in Mani and Raman's (Karan Patel) lives. Shagun makes Mani believe that Raman is trying to ruin his reputation, which is actually not true.

Shagun continues to create misunderstanding between Raman and Mani, as she believes that if the problem between them is resolved, she would lose Pihu to Raman and Ishita. Check out the latest updates & spoilers with pictures...

Ishita, Raman & Mani

Ishita and Romi decide to patch Raman and Mani up, so that their fights do not create any problem in the business. They take Singhal's help.


Unfortunately, Ashok spoils the meeting by revealing about Adi and Aliya's meeting. Raman and Mani calls Aliya and Adi to the restaurant to confirm whether they met each other!

Adi & Aliya

Adi and Aliya confess their love for each other in front of Mani and Raman, who separate the love birds. Raman hurts Adi by calling him a ‘bad son'. Mani warns Aliya against meeting Adi.

Raman Hurts Ishita

Raman also hurts Ishita by calling her a bad mother. She even slaps Raman for speaking ill about her! Romi and Mihika convince Adi to have food and they assure that they are with him, to help him. Ishita also supports Adi.


In the upcoming episodes, Mani decides to get Aliya married with a guy of his choice. When Aliya raises her voice against the marriage, Mani locks her in the room.

Adi Fears Losing Aliya

Meanwhile, Adi fears about losing his love. Ishita, Romi and Mihika plan to spoil Aliya's image in front of the guy.

Ishita's Plan Fails

Unfortunately, Ishita's plan fails. The guy instead of rejecting the proposal, starts liking her more! So will Aliya get married to the guy of Mani's choice?

Aliya Madly In Love With Adi

Aliya goes crazy in Adi's love and sticks Adi's posters all over her room. She even refuses to have food. Aliya asks Shagun to stop the marriage if she is concerned about her.


In the upcoming episode, Aliya decides to elope with Adi! She meets Adi in the hotel, where they decide to run away! Unfortunately, Raman enters the same hotel and gets to see the lovebirds!

Raman, Aliya & Mani

He lashes out at Adi and takes Aliya to Mani. Raman blames Aliya for spoiling and manipulating Adi! Mani is annoyed with Aliya and he slaps her!

Aliya Unaffected

Aliya doesn't stop there; she tells Mani that she will continue to love Adi. Shagun stops Mani and asks him to control himself! Well, Shagun will be acting good in front of Mani and Aliya, but she, in reality, will be seen enjoying the whole drama.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein To Take A Leap!

According to the latest reports, the show will be taking a year leap. The cast will be flying off to Australia for a big sequence. We assume Mani will be taking Aliya to Australia!

Already, Raman is angry with Mani as the former feels that Mani is the reason Pihu separated from him. Adding to this, Shagun's plan to manipulate Mani against Raman triggers more tension between their relationships.

This directly affects Ishita and Adi. Ishita is confused whom to support - her husband or friend, as she knows Shagun is behind everything. Adi loves Mani's daughter Aliya. Raman and Mani don't allow Adi and Aliya to meet each other because of their rivalry.

Somehow, Aliya and Adi manage to meet, but Mani and Raman get to know this and they separate the love birds.

Shagun takes advantage of the situation and creates more trouble for Ishita. She takes Aliya's side and silently watches the game. Aliya too, starts believing that Shagun is helping her to unite with her love, Adi.

Meanwhile, Pihu is upset that Shagun didn't take her out. Shagun gives her a mobile and asks her to chat with her friends by creating a group. She adds Simmi's daughter Ananya in the group. When Simmi gets to know about the same, she calls Pihu and asks her to play with friends and not to chat. Pihu is hurt and returns the mobile to Shagun.

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