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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman & Ishita’s South Indian Wedding With North Indian Tadka!

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We had already reported that on Star Plus' popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the family members decide to get Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) re-married during Adi and Aliya's engagement ceremony. The marriage and engagement preparations have already begun.

In the previous episode, we saw how Aliya's Dadi and other family members convince Raman and Ishita for the grand marriage function. The family members will also be seen discussing about the wedding theme. (Check Out The Spoilers With Pictures...)

Ruhi Teaches Dance To Ishita & Raman

Ruhi and Adi decide to teach dance to the family members. Ruhi teaches Punjabi dance (Bangra) to the Bhalla family, while Adi will be seen teaching South Indian dance (Bharatnatyam) to the Iyer family.

Shagun's Drama

In the upcoming episode, Aliya's Dadi will be seen preparing for the Diwali festival. She wants Mani to take oil bath. But Shagun will be seen creating a drama.

Mani Angry At Shagun

Shagun asks Aliya's dadi not to interfere in her life and not to force her do any ritual. This makes Mani angry. He asks Shagun to apologise to Dadi.

Raman & Ishita's South Indian Wedding

Raman and Ishita's wedding will be in South Indian style with North Indian tadka. IshRa will be seen following all rituals.

Pre-Marriage Events

The pre-marriage (Mehendi and Sangeet) events will be in North Indian style, while the marriage will be in complete Madrasi style.

Ishita's Mehendi Ceremony

During Ishita's mehendi ceremony, Mrs Iyer gets emotional. She cries seeing Ishita, but the latter jokes about the same telling that she is not getting married for the first time!

Adi & Aliya's Engagement

Apparently, Adi and Aliya's engagement will be in the evening, while Raman and Ishita's marriage will be scheduled in the morning. They hide Raman and Ishita's marriage from Shagun and Pihu.

Ishita's Kanyadaan

Mr Iyer will be seen doing the 'kanyadaan'. During the marriage ceremony, Raman fills sindoor in Ishita's forehead and makes her wear the mangalsurta.

Shagun Makes Ishita Cry!

Unfortunately, Shagun gets to know about IshRa's marriage. She brings Pihu to the mantap where Raman will be seen exchanging marriage vows with Ishita. As we revealed earlier, Pihu confronts her papa Raman and blames him for leaving her mamma Shagun for Ishita.

Will Pihu Accept Ishita?

Ruhi and Ishita try to convince Pihu that Ishita is her real mother, and not Shagun. Pihu gets to know about the surrogacy. She is shocked and feels cheated. Well, we assume after a lot of drama, Ishita will finally convince Pihu, to accept her as her Ishima.

Story So Far...

Raman and Ishita don't want Shagun and Pihu to know about their re-marriage, as they feel it might create trouble. Aliya also fears that Shagun might create a drama if she gets to know about Raman and Ishita's marriage. But, Mani convinces her that he will not let Shagun know about the same, and keep her busy.

Mani and Aliya's Dadi inform Shagun about Adi and Aliya's engagement, which shocks her.

On the other hand, Mrs Iyer tries to speak to Ishita as she wants to tell her about Pihu's injury (Pihu had burnt her hand). She feels that Pihu is not safe with Shagun. But, Simmi stops Mrs Iyer as the former feels this might affect the marriage preparations as IshRa might get tensed about Pihu.

When Mihika gets to know about the same, she decides to take the help of her friend, Kunal Sethi to get Pihu's custody. She feels Pihu's custody will be the best gift for Ishita and Raman.

At the Bhalla house, Raman will be teased for getting married in South Indian style, while Raman tells Adi that he is also getting married to a Madrasi (Aliya). Adi also asks the family members to get a choreographer for Raman to learn dance.

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