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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: What! Raman To Take Revenge On Ishita

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see the Bhalla family split over the decision to keep Rohit with them. This issue is going to bring in a new twist in the plot.

In the latest episode we saw, Romi disowning Rohit and Mrs. Bhalla supporting him. On the other side, Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) insist on keeping Rohit with them.


Romi is upset with Sarika and does not agree to accept Rohit. He meets Sarika. She tries to convince him that she loves her. Romi scolds her.

Raman And Ishita

Raman and Ishita go against Mrs. Bhalla and Romi. They do not agree to send Rohit to the orphanage. They will try to find out Rohit's real parents and then adopt him.

Raman Throws Ishita Up In The Air

When Ishita was involved in the 'Ghost Drama', she had thrown Raman up in the air with Prateek's help. Raman finds it out and plays the same game with Ishita.

Raman Tricks Ishita

Raman plays the same trick on Ishita and with Prateek's help, and throws her up in the air. Raman will give Ishita a jacket, and attach her to a pillar, thus, lifting her up in the air.

Raman Makes Ishita Confess Her Love

Ishita pleads to Raman to let her go, but Raman teases her. He orders Ishita to accept that Raman is the best and the most handsome husband.

Ishita Confesses

Ishita confesses that she loves Raman and also that he is the best husband and the most handsome, too. Raman brings Ishita down and they share a lovely hug. How cute!

Ishita tries to convince Mrs. Bhalla, saying that Rohit may not be their own blood, but he has a heart-to-heart connection with them. Mrs. Bhalla plaintively says that she loved Rohit thinking him to be Romi's biological son.

She insists on sending Rohit back to the orphanage. Ishita promises to find out the exact truth behind Rohit's adoption. We also saw how Raman manages to keep Rohit with him throughout the day, even at the office. He takes very good care of Rohit.

Raman also discusses with his colleagues about managing a child at work. He says that if a wife can take care of home and office, then a husband can look after both, too. Back home, Ishita asks Raman to find out about Rohit's parents.

Raman misunderstands her and ridicules her saying that Ishita's love depends on blood. Ishita is hurt. Later on, Raman apologises to Ishita and also promises that he will find Rohit's parents. He adds that if Sarika has lied, then they will adopt him.

Raman tells Ishita that they make great parents and they can take care of all their children in the best possible way. Raman and Ishita share a lovely moment.

In the next episode we will see Ishita asking Romi to take Rohit for polio vaccination. Romi meets Sarika. Sarika tries her best to convince Romi, of her love. But Romi is too upset to listen to anything. He scolds Sarika.

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