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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: The Real Culprit Behind Aliya's Acid Attack Revealed! (PICS)

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman's families are upset as Pihu's custody has been given to Shagun. Everybody will be shocked to see Mani supporting Shagun, because of Aliya's issue.

Mani feels that Adi has attacked Aliya, but the truth is something else. Check out the spoilers with pictures...

Raman & Ishita

Raman and Ishita cry remembering Pihu, while Adi looks on and gets sad. He feels that he is the reason that Pihu separated from them. He decides to sort out things soon.


Meanwhile, Ruhi decides to take Ruhaan's avatar again, to help Mihir in the project (as Singhal has been creating trouble). Apparently, the Singhal's daughter is Ruhaan's fan, and she decides to use this weakness of hers to deal with the project.

Mani Create Trouble

Aliya is upset that her appa Mani as he is supporting Shagun even after knowing that she is wrong. He is taking revenge on Ishita for supporting Adi, and not Aliya, during the acid attack incident.


To prove himself innocent, Adi takes the help of a doctor and undergoes hypnotherapy. In the first session, he gets to know that it is not him, but someone else who threw acid on Aliya. While in the second session, he gets to see someone like Ruhaan.

Not Ruhaan!

Thinking Ruhaan aka Ruhi is the culprit, Adi takes the blame on himself. This shocks everyone. Well, in reality not Ruhaan, but someone else threw the acid on Aliya.


According to the latest spoiler, it is Nidhi who would have committed this crime. Nidhi would have taken Ruhaan's avatar. As Adi wouldn't have seen the face and recognises just the look, he would have got confused!

Raman & Ishita

Also, Raman and Ishita, who are barred from meeting Pihu, gets a chance to meet her on Pihu's friend's birthday bash. The boy's mother helps them. She suggests them to come to the party as entertainers, so that they can spend some time with Pihu.

Raman, Ishita & Pihu

As we reported earlier, Raman and Ishita go to the party in disguise of jokers. They entertain the kids at the party and get to dance with Pihu. Also, surprising IshRa, Pihu's grandmothers Mrs Iyer and Santhoshi too, join them.

Story So Far...
Raman and Ishita are facing problems because of Nidhi and Shagun. They have been fighting for Pihu's custody, now Adi, Aliya and Mihir's love triangle, Adi's strange behaviour, Aliya's acid attack factory strike and many others create more troubles in IshRa's life.

Aliya's acid attack changes Mani's mind and he goes against Ishita. Shagun takes advantage of the situation and uses Mani to get Pihu's custody. As we reported earlier, the judgement will be in favour of Shagun.

With a heavy heart the Bhallas send Pihu with Shagun and Mani. When Raman tries to stop Pihu, the latter asks Raman to send Ishita out of the house. Shagun again, takes advantage of the situation and brainwashes Pihu against Raman and Ishita.

Also, Shagun tries to stop the Bhallas meeting or even speaking to Pihu. Raman goes mad as he misses Pihu, while Ishita tries to console him. She asks Raman to take care of the factory work as they have an important project to deliver, but Raman is adamant on meeting Pihu.

They go to Pihu's school to meet her, but the teacher doesn't allow them. Pihu's friend's mother try to help out Raman and Ishita, but Shagun comes there on time and stops Raman from further meeting Pihu!

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