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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: OMG! Ishita Has Past Connection With Rohit; What Could It Be?

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The adoption drama on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is sure to take a very interesting turn in the coming episodes. In the last episode we saw Sarika's forceful entry into the Bhalla family.

Well, Sarika returns to the Bhalla family with intention of harming them even more, this time. Ashok helped Sarika in getting a bail. Abhishek informs everyone that Sarika will stay in the Bhalla house according to the court's order.

Ishita Upset

Ishita is upset due to the disturbances in the Bhalla family because of Sarika. Sarika also takes over Ishita and Rman's room.

Ishita Plays A Prank

Ishita decides to trouble Sarika. She cuts off the water supply of the house, while Sarika was in the washroom. Sarika screams for water as her eyes burn due to the soap.

Sarika To Take Revenge

Raman and Ishita are happy to see Sarika in pain. However, going ahead, Sarika will play some game to take revenge of her insult, on Ishita.

Mrs. Chadda

Pathak invites Raman and Ishita to his friend, advocate Mrs. Chadda's house, for Lohri celebration. He introduces the couple to Mrs. Chadda, who will fight Rohit's adoption case for them.

Mrs. Chadda Tensed To See Ishita

Raman and Ishita are worried about Rohit. Mrs. Chaddha meets them and gets worried seeing Ishita.

Ishita Has Connection With Rohit!

Mrs. Chadda informs someone about Ishita's presence in her house. It is soon going to be revealed that Ishita has some past connection with Rohit. Let's see what it is!

She has filed a dowry and harassment case against the Bhalla family. Sarika is upset over Romi's growing closeness with Mihika. She promises to herself that she won't allow Romi to be with any other woman.

She goes to Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita's (Divyanka Tripathi) room and tells them that she would stay in their room from now on, since she doesn't feel safe with Romi. Sarika tries to boss around in the house and asks Raman to give her share of the property.

She says that she is a single mother and her husband is incompetent. She needs money to raise her child. Romi fumes on hearing this. Sarika goes on to taunt Mr. Bhalla for not raising Romi well.

Romi raises his hand against Sarika and Sarika clicks a picture of that instance. She uses this picture to blackmail Romi. Ishita asks Raman to consult Pathak. Meanwhile, Romi shares his agony with Mihika.

He is so angry that he breaks the glass in his hand. Mihika takes care of Romi's bleeding hand. Pathak tells Ishita that adoption won't be very easy as they don't have the legal documents. He puts forth the idea of pressurizing the manager of the orphanage.

Raman says that they need to prove that Rohit is not Sarika's son. Going ahead, we will see Pathak and Ishita forcing the manager to show the documents, threatening that they will take legal action against him.

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