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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi & Adi Celebrate Father’s Day With Ishita; Vidyut To Enter Ishita’s Life!

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The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are trying their best to bring the show to top 1 slot. But, for that they will have to beat the top two shows, Shakti and Naagin 2. So, they have planned to bring in a new twist in the story, by separating the main lead again!

As we reported earlier, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman part ways and the show will be taking a leap. Read on...

Ishita Decides To Move On

Post leap, Ishita decides to forget Raman and she gets busy with her work. Ruhi and Adi doubt that their Ishima is hiding something from them, as Ishita behaves strange with them!

Ruhi Doubts Ishita

Ruhi starts spying Ishita. She checks Ishita's mobile and is shocked to see it locked. She questions Ishita, who escapes by making an excuse.


Ruhi doesn't stop there. She starts searching Ishita's room and gets something shocking. Apparently, Ishita will be receiving gifts from someone special. Ruhi gets greeting cards, dress, flowers and love letters.

Ruhi Makes An Excuse

When Ishita comes to the room, Ruhi makes an excuse saying that she was trying to help her pack her bags, as she was getting ready to go for an appointment!

Ruhi Questions Ishita

But, Ruhi couldn't control herself from questioning her Ishima. She asks Ishita if someone else is there in her life! She also asks about the gifts. She asks her who is giving her gifts, as her papa is also not there!

Has Ishita Really Moved On In Her Life?

Ishita gets upset with Ruhi's enquiry and she gives a rude answer. She tells Ruhi that everything in her life need not be shared with her! Well, does this mean someone else has entered Ishita's life?

Sid Makkar Aka Vidyut To Enter Ishita's Life!

Apparently, Vidyut will be trying to woo Ishita. He is Raman's friend. Vidyut's role will be played by Sid Makkar. Sid was quoted by an entertainment website as saying, "I will enter Yeh Hai Mohabbatein for a short cameo. The guy will be a charmer, but the mystery I cannot resolve right now is about who the guy would be charming and why."

Ruhi & Adi Celebrate Father’s Day With Ishita

On the other hand, Adi and Ruhi will try to cheer Ishita on father's day. They make a special presentation and give all credits to Ishita. Mihika also help Ruhi and Adi in making the arrangements.

Ishita Impressed!

Ishita will be impressed with Adi and Ruhi, and thanks them. It would have been a year, since Raman left them. Adi and Ruhi don't want Ishita to miss Raman and they try every possible things to bring smile on their Ishima's face!

Story So Far...

In previous episode, we saw Ishita and Aliya taking Pihu to the counsellor to know the truth whether Shagun gave her sleeping pills or Pihu took the pills herself. Unfortunately, Kunal warns Shagun on time and Shagun messages Pihu not to tell about the pills to anybody.

Pihu tells about the counsellor to Shagun, who asks Aliya about the same. Aliya tells the truth, and warns Ishita that Shagun doubts them. Ashok asks Shagun to stop Pihu from going to the counsellor but Shagun tells that she can't stop. Kunal suggests her to speak to the counsellor, herself.

Ishita and Aliya alert the doctor, who lies to Shagun that she is on leave for a few days and will meet after she is back!

Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita get ready for a couple competition. Raman and Romi, jokingly argue about their dressing sense.

On the other hand, Mrs Iyer misunderstands Mr Iyer that he is having an affair and avoiding her! She makes him sign for the couple competition, to avoid meeting a girl!

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