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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:OMG! Sarika Exposed; Raman And Ishita To Adopt Rohit

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The latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein started with Romi telling Raman (Karan Patel) about Sarika, who sold herself to Ashok for some money and tried to kill Raman. Raman asks him to move on in life and take care of Rohit.

He tries to cheer Romi up, saying that at least he has only one child to take care of. Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) had left Raman with two children. The entire Bhalla family join Dolly's party.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) asks Dolly to put the 'Varmala' around her husband's neck. Dolly thanks Ishita for all the arrangements. Meanwhile, Raman, Adi and Romi enjoy each other's company.

Raman lifts the gas cylinder and gets backache. He refuses to hand it over to Romi and jokes that Ishita is way heavier than the cylinder. Adi and Romi mockRaman and Ishita questions why they are laughing at Raman.

She approaches Raman and asks him for a dance. He refuses. Ishita enquires if the backache is too much to handle. Dolly takes Raman to dance with her.

Ishita tells Dolly that Raman would never dance with anyone else, except her. She goes to get painkillers for Raman. They share a sweet moment when Raman tells Ishita that nothing can ever happen to him till Ishita is there.

Ishita becomes Ms. Beautiful. Raman is confident that he would be Mr. Handsome. Mihika announces Mr. Bhalla as Mr. Handsome.

Raman gets up. Mihika says it is not him, but his father! Mihir gives a yellow rose to Mihika and tells her that she is very dear to him and that, they are friends for life.

Romi sits gloomily. He tells Ishita that he is broken down by Sarika's act. Ishita tells him that there must be a big reason behind Sarika's intention to harm the Bhalla family.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Raman and Ishita talking about Sarika. Ishita will tell Raman that Sarika is a mother and a wife and there is definitely a strong reason behind her cruel act. For more updates and spoilers, check the slideshow below...


Ishita is finally successful in exposing Sarika's truth. She also revealed that Sarika killed Rinky and Ashok was blackmailing her, over this secret. Sarika is arrested.


The entire Bhalla family is touched seeing Ishita's selfless love for them. Raman is thankful to Ishita for saving his life and taking care of him and his family always.

Shagun And Manoj

Ishita asks everyone to forgive Shagun as she did everything to save Raman and their kids. Manoj is surprised to know that Shagun is alive and scolds her for hiding the truth. Raman and Ishita will try to reunite Manoj and Shagun.


Romi is shattered after knowing that Rohit is not his own blood, Sarika had lied to all of them about Rohit being Romi's son.

Romi Accuses Ishita

Romi accuses Ishita for bringing Sarika in his life. He is totally broken and feels that his life is completely destroyed. He leaves the Bhalla house.

Rohit To Be Sent To An Orphanage?

Mrs. Bhalla is shocked to learn that Rohit is not their blood. She asks Raman and Ishita to send Rohit to the orphanage. Raman and Ishita are shocked over Mrs. Bhalla's decision.

Raman And Ishita To Adopt Rohit?

Raman and Ishita are shocked over Mrs. Bhalla's decision to send Rohit to an orphanage. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that Rohit will stay with them. Are Raman and Ishita going to adopt Rohit?

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