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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler Alert: Ishita Goes Missing; Mihir Steals Money From Raman’s Office!

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shagun has been creating trouble in Raman and Ishita's (Divyanka Tripathi) lives. It has to be recalled that after Ishita was back to the Bhalla house, Shagun turned negative. She would have joined hands with Ishita and Raman's rivals, Ashok and Nidhi.

Shagun doesn't want to send Pihu to Ishita and Raman. For this, she might go to any extent. In the upcoming episode, Ishita goes missing. Has Ishita been kidnapped again? Read on....

Raman's Factory Pooja

In the upcoming episode, Raman will be seen organising Lakshmi pooja at office during Diwali festival. The family members arrive at the office for the pooja, except Ishita.

Ishita Goes Missing!

Raman waits for Ishita for a long time. He calls and waits for her message, but Ishita doesn't arrive and he gets tensed. He asks the family members about Ishita.

Raman Worried!

The pooja will be done by the other family members in Ishita's absence. Raman panics and recalls the past on how he lost Ishita when he scolded her badly regarding Ruhi. Raman doesn't want to lose Ishita again.

Kunal Blackmailing Mihika!

It has to be recalled that Mihika is being blackmailed by a person, Kunal, who has joined hands with Ashok. Kunal has Mihika and Mihir's picture, that was clicked during their stay in the hotel room.

Mihika Panics!

He blackmails Mihika saying that he would show the picture to the family members. Although, Mihika hasn't done anything wrong, she is scared that her family might misunderstand her.

Simmi Helping Mihika!

This matter is known to Mihir and Ishita. Looks like. when Simmi to gets to know about the same. she tries to help Mihika.

Simmi Helping Mihika!

In the upcoming episode, Mihika will be seen searching something on Raman's laptop, with the help of Simmi and Mihir. Since they didn't know the password, they call their neighbour for breaking the password!

Mihir Steals Money!

Meanwhile, Mihir will be seen stealing money at Raman's factory. He also feels bad while doing it, but he thinks to himself that he will keep the money back after the work is done.

Ruhi Sees Mihir Stealing Money!

Ruhi sees Mihir stealing money, but hides it from everyone. Will Ruhi confront Mihir regarding the same or will she spy on him to find the real reason?

Is Ishita Kidnapped?

Well, is Ishita kidnapped or is she finding Kunal's mystery? If kidnapped, who is behind the kidnap? Possibly, Shagun? Now Pihu knows Ishita is her real mother, might be she is fearing, Ishita would snatch Pihu from her.

Why is Kunal blackmailing Mihika?

Are all the incidents - Mihika's blackmail and Mihir stealing money related to one another? Are Kunal, Ashok and Shagun behind all these? Why is Kunal blackmailing Mihika? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

Story So Far....

In the previous episode, we saw Ishita and Raman getting re-married. But, as we revealed Shagun creates a drama that upsets Raman and Ishita.

Apparently, Mani would have sent Shagun to Chennai, but she tricks Aliya's Dadi and return to the house. She gets to know about Mani's game and plans to spoil it. Although Mani tries to inform the Bhalla and Iyer family that Shagun is back home, no one responds to his calls.

Mani will be late and Shagun reaches the mantap with Pihu. Shagun makes Pihu see Raman and Ishita's marriage. Pihu gets angry on Raman.

At Mani's place, Aliya's Dadi will ask Mani to prepare for the Diwali rituals. Mani thinks of Shagun and gets upset. Shagun arrives and lashes out at Aliya's Dadi. Shagun asks her to leave the house.

Aliya's Dadi decides to leave the house and promises to be back for Aliya and Adi's marriage.

Amidst this, Aliya and Adi get engaged. Ishita reveals to Pihu that she is her real mom and not Shagun. Pihu gets upset and doesn't want to accept Ishita. Shagun is shocked to see Pihu with Raman, at Aliya and Adi's engagement.

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