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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SPOILER ALERT: OMG! Pihu Attempts Suicide; Raman Blames Ishita! (PICS)

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, looks like Ishita's (Divyanka Tripathi) struggle never has an end. Initially, she had to struggle to gain Ruhi's love, and now, she is struggling to win Pihu! It is known that Ishita and Raman had to stay away from each other for seven long years, because of the misunderstanding between Raman, Ishita and Ruhi created by Nidhi. Now, the same thing is getting repeated with Pihu!

It has to be recalled that Nidhi had kidnapped Ruhi, and Raman blamed Ishita for separating him from his daugther. He also had lashed out at her saying that she is not a good mother. A dejected Ishita even attempted suicide, but Mani saved her. Mani and Ishita lived together in Australia, away from Raman.

Raman-Ishita's Re-Marriage

As we revealed earlier, the family members plan Raman and Ishita's re-marriage, without Shagun and Pihu's knowledge. They also organise Sangeet ceremony.


Although Pihu will be present in the ceremony, she thinks it to be Adi and Aliya's function. Shagun will not be present at the ceremony.

Raman & Ishita's South Indian Marriage!

In the upcoming episodes, Raman and Ishita will be getting married in South Indian style. Ishita's father does the ‘kanyadaan'. Both father and daughter get emotional during the marriage.

Ranbir & Anushka On YHM Sets

Also, the special guests, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, who are on the sets to promote their upcoming Diwali release Ae Dil Hai Mushkhil, wish Raman and Ishita. They also share some relationship advices.

Shagun's Drama

Just when everything was going right, Shagun arrives at the venue with Pihu. Seeing her papa Raman with Ishita aunty, Pihu gets annoyed and lashes out at Raman.

Pihu Upset

Ruhi tries to explain Pihu that Ishita is her mother and not Shagun. But, Pihu doesn't listen. She pushes Ruhi and runs away. Raman follows Pihu.


Ishita too, would try to explain Pihu that she is her real mother and not Shagun. According to the latest spoiler, Pihu feels cheated and attempts suicide!

Raman Blames Ishita!

Ishita is shocked with this, and confirms the same with Raman, who is in no mood to listen. Like always, he lashes out at Ishita. He tells her how he had warned Ishita not to reveal the truth, and blames her for Pihu's condition!

Raman, Ishita & Pihu

Although Ishita tries to explain Raman that Pihu had to know about the truth one or the other day, Raman gets angry at her, and asks her to not to separate him from Pihu, like she did with Ruhi!

Raman & Pihu

Again, because of Pihu, Raman and Ishita's relationship get into trouble. Raman goes to Mani's house and hugs Pihu. He apologises to her. It has to be seen how Ishita manages to gain Pihu's love.

Aliya & Adi Engaged

Amidst all hungama, the two love birds, Aliya and Adi get engaged in a traditional way. Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show...

Story So Far...

After Ishita and Raman's separation, their families too got separated. The Bhallas and Iyers fought with each other for every silly reason. It was after Ishita's entry that everything was set right.

Ishita slowly gained Raman's love and him wrong. The misunderstanding between mother-daughter duo was also cleared, and they stayed happily, together.

But, Shagun turned negative. She didn't want to leave Raman and Pihu. So, she, along with Nidhi, created trouble in Ishita and Raman's lives. Not just that, she goes on to marry Mani to get Pihu's custody, by brainwashing Mani against Raman.

Also, she uses Pihu, Adi and Aliya as her trump cards to separate Raman and Ishita.

Initially, Ishita wouldn't have known Shagun's real intention, but when she gets to know, she played with her carefully. Eventually, Mani and Raman too, get to know about Shagun.

Shagun would have also tried to separate Adi and Aliya, but their love win, and now they are all set to get engaged.

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