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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira Confesses Her Love For Kartik; Will Kartik's Family Accept Her?

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai makers are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting, especially, Kartik (Mohsin Khan), Naira and Gayu love track. The loyal viewers of the show are eager to know whom will Kartik accept - Naira or Gayu.

It is known to all that Kartik and Naira love each other. But, as Naira comes to know about her sister Gayu's love for Kartik, she then decides to sacrifice her love! Naira would ask Kartik to move on in his life.


In the upcoming episode, Akshara reveals the Gayu that Kartik loves Naira. She also tells Gayu that Naira didn't reveal anything about Kartik's love. This led to the confusion. Initially, Gayu will be very upset and locks herself in the room.


The family members will be worried about Gayu. Kartik politely tries to make Gayu understand that although she is a good person, he loves Naira, and they won't be happy if he marries Gayu.

Gayu Sacrifice Her Love

Gayu finally sacrifice her love for Naira. During Diwali, as a ritual, couples have to do pooja. Gayu asks Kartik and Naira to do the pooja.

Akshara & Naitik Happy

Akshara and Naitik will be very happy with Gayu's move. They appreciate both Naira and Gayu, who are ready to sacrifice their love for each others' happiness.

Gayu & Rama

Gayu will be upset as she is not able to forget kartik. Her dadi tries to help her. Rama asks Gayu to stay away from Kartik for a few days, as she will hurt herself every time she sees him.

Naira Confesses Her Love

Now, it's time for Naira's confession. She makes all arrangements to confess her love for Kartik. She dresses like an angel and decorates the place with the things that Kartik likes.

Kartik Accepts Naira

Initially, Kartik refuses to listen to her. But later, he accepts her love. It has to be seen if this is a dream sequence or reality.

Kartik & Naitik

Meanwhile, Naitik asks Kartik to get his family for the marriage talks. Kartik is hesitant as he is not friendly with his family. It is then Kartik's sister Kriti comes to Kartik's rescue.


Kartik's sister comes to the Singhania house to speak about Kartik and Naira. Also, there will be a new entry on the show. Ali Hassan will play Kartik's uncle, who would love him as his own son. He will be supporting Kartik.

Kartik's Family To Create Trouble!

According to the latest spoiler, Kartik will be accepted as Jamai by Naira's family members, while Kartik's parents would not accept Naira.

Story So Far...

During Diwali, Naira and Gayu are seen decorating the house. Naira would send Mishti to her grandmother's place, as she fears Mishti would reveal about Kartik's love.

But, seeing Mishti back in the Singhania house, Naira will be shocked! Mishti reveals to Naira and Gayu that she is upset with them as they sent her to grandmother's place.

Meanwhile, Mishti, who is concerned about her best friend, Kartik, would have revealed to Akshara and Naitik that Kartik loves Naira. He is upset with Naira, as she had rejected his proposal. This shocks Akshara, and she asks Mishti not to reveal it to anybody. Akshara assure Naira that she will look into the matter.

After getting to know the truth, Akshara and Naitik will be in dilemma that how they will disclose the same to Kartik or Gayu. Naitik assures Akshara that he will make sure that his daughters are happy.

On the other hand, Gayu is excited as well as nervous as Akshara and Naitik will be talking to Kartik. The family members are also eagerly waiting for Kartik.

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