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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler: Oh No! Naira To Sacrifice Her Love For Gayu!

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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kartik (Mohsin Khan), Naira (Shivangi Joshi) and Gayu's (Kanchi Singh) love story is getting complicated by the day. Kartik has confessed his love for Naira, but she refuses to accept Kartik's proposal. This hurts Kartik a lot, and he decides to ignore her.

It has to be recalled that Kartik has been helping both the Singhania and Maheshwari families, especially Gayu and Naira. Gayu misunderstands Kartik's friendship as love, while Naira feels that Kartik is just her friend. Naira is yet to realise her love for Kartik. On the other hand, Gayu is silently admiring Kartik and his work. She hasn't expressed her love for Kartik. Check Out The Spoilers With Pictures...

Karva Chauth Celebration

After Dussehra celebrations, the family members gears up for the Karva Chauth festival. The ladies get ready in traditional attires, and observe fast for their husbands.


Along with the married ladies in the Singhania and Maheshwari families, Naira and Gayu too, will be seen observing fast for Kartik. Naira will be seen wearing the ring and the dress given by Kartik.

Couples Dance

All the men will dance to entertain the ladies, who also join them. The couples shake legs for the song, ‘Ladki beautiful kar gayi chul'. Gayu and Naira try to get closer to Kartik, who will be seen avoiding Naira!

Naira's Special Dance Performance For Kartik

Naira also performs a special dance for Kartik. She has finally realised her love for Kartik and tries to express it through her dance. She tries to show off the ring that he gave to her, and showers flowers on him.


But Kartik doesn't realise as he is completely shattered with Naira's rejection. Kartik quits the job and decides to finish the pending work soon so that he can return home (USA).


Gayu will be seen observing fast for Kartik, but when she doesn't find Kartik, she gets upset. She cries and her dadi confronts her. Gayu's dadi gets to know that Gayu is in love with Kartik.


Naira overhears Gayu and Dadi's conversation and gets upset. According to the latest spoiler, Naira will be seen avoiding and hurting Kartik, so that he starts hating her.

Gayu Breaks Her Fast

Gayu breaks her fast by seeing the moon and Kartik's photo. We assume, this is Gayu's Dadi's idea. During Karva Chauth, Bua ji also enters the house.

Naira's Mehendi

As we had reported earlier, Naira applies mehendi and by mistake the letter ‘K' will be written on her hand. Gayu's dadi asks her to erase it, but in vain.

Family Members To Fix Gayu & Kartik's Marraige!

In the upcoming episodes, the family members get to know about Gayu's love for Kartik. Naitik and Akshara decide to speak to Kartik about Gayu's proposal as Bua ji will also be at the house.

Kartik Unaware

Kartik is unaware of this and comes to the Singhania house. He will be welcomed and Gayu serves food. Kartik doesn't realise anything as he searches for Naira.

Story So Far....

Amidst Kartik, Naira and Gayu's love story, Naitik and Akshara's romance continues. After a long time, the couple is seen spending some romantic time together.

The family members get ready for Dussehra celebrations. They are happy to see Nannu back from the rehabilitation centre. Nannu dresses like Ram for Ravan dahan. Dadi is happy to see Naitik back and calls him Ram, as she feels that he is back after his 'vanvaas'.

Meanwhile, Naira tries to speak to Kartik, but in vain. He distances himself from Naira. He also rejects Naitik's proposal to handle the business-sales section. He refuses to help Naira regarding the academy work, which annoys her.

In front of the family members, Naira directly asks Kartik, if he is taking revenge on her as she refused to him (proposal). But, Kartik tells Naira that he can't help as her work requires an expert's advice.

Gayu and the family members ask Naira not to fight with Karik, as he has helped everyone a lot.

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