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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler: Naman To Get Arrested; Akshara Watches Naira & Kartik Together!

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    In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Naira confronts Kartik about her father, as she feels Kartik is creating trouble for Naitik. Naira's doubts are clarified only when Akshara (Hina Khan) interferes and supports Kartik.

    Akshara doubts Naman, as she gets to see him in Switzerland (not Kenya). She feels Naitik and Naman are hiding something from her. After a few hit and miss moments, Akshara finally meets Naitik, and we assume, she rescues him from Naman.

    Akshara & Naitik

    As we had revealed earlier, Akshara gets Naitik back to India. The family members are happy and they welcome Naitik in a grand way. Naksh is happy to see his father back home, after a long time and hugs him!

    Karishma Supports Naman

    Akshara reveals to the family members that Naman was troubling Naitik. The family members find hard to believe Akshara. Also, Karishma takes Naman's side and blame Akshara and Naitik for not supporting Naman in the business.

    Naksh Angry

    Finally, Akshara exposes Naman, and reveals what happened in Switzerland.Naksh is angry at Naman and calls the police to get Naman arrested!

    Karishma Apologises

    Karishma feels guilty and reveals to the family members that she didn't know about Naman's move. She apologises to the family members. She also stops supporting Naman.

    Naman Apologises

    Naman apologises to the family members as well as Akshara and Naitik, but in vain. He begs the family members not to send him to the jail. It has to be seen whether Akshara and Naitik forgive him or they send him to the jail!

    Naira Apologises To Kartik

    On the other hand, Naira tries to apologise to Kartik, as she had blamed him. But, Kartik doesn't forgive her. He shouts at her in front of everyone, and Naira lashes out at him for making their fight public!


    Gayu, who is in love with Kartik, doesn't like Naira shouting at Kartik. She confronts her and asks her not to be rude to Kartik. But, Naira tells Gayu that she has all the rights to fight with her friend.


    Gayu, almost tells that she loves Kartik, but she covers up. She politely, tries to tell her that Kartik is her friend as well, and it is not good to behave so rudely to a friend.

    Akshara Jealous

    Meanwhile, during the Navratri festival, Naitik and Akshara go for a ‘pandal' for a ‘garba night'! Akshara enjoys the dance, while she watches Naitik speaking to a lady! She gets jealous and confronts him.

    Akshara Hugs Naitik

    Akshara leaves the place and is upset with Naitik, who tries to make her understand that they were just having a conversation. Akshara gets back to normal only when he tells her that the lady was complimenting them!

    Naira Hurts Kartik

    Also, Kartik, Gayu and Naira will be seen at the party. Kartik will be searching for Naira, while Gayu searches for Kartik. Finally, Kartik meets Naira and they share a romantic moment.

    Akshara Watches Naira & Kartik Together!

    Naira hurts Kartik, which makes him teary-eyed. Also, when Kartik and Naira have a sweet-bitter moment, Naitik and Akshara see them! Will Akshara get to know about Kartik and Naira's love? Stay locked to this space for the latest update...

    Story So Far...

    Kartik is angry at Naira. He feels she never understood him, and always doubted him. Although, Naksh and Gayu considered him as a friend, he feels Naira (who knew him from before) never trusted him. Gayu doubts, seeing Kartik and Naira closer.

    Naira then reveals to Gayu that how she doubted Kartik and is guilty of blaming him. Gayu tells Naira that Kartik would obviously be angry at her, and suggests her to apologise to him.

    On the other hand, at the exhibition, Akshara and Naitik have a hit and miss moment. Naman gets Naitik to the place to meet the clients.

    Meanwhile, Akshara senses that Naitik is around and gets restless. Naitik slips twice, when Naman tries to take him away from Akshara. He asks him not to gain attention! But, Naitik is confident that Akshara will find and rescue him, somehow.

    At the Singhania house, the family members are happy that Yash and Rose are back, home. They get to know that Rose is pregnant and decide to reveal it to Rukmini, before Akshara and Naitik get to know.

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