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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai SPOILER: Who Is The Girl With Kartik?

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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kartik (Mohsin Khan) is upset with Naira, as she rejects his love. It has to be recalled that Kartik had confessed his love, while Naira rejects it by saying that they are just friends like Jai and Veeru.

Kartik is hurt and avoids Naira. He doesn't pick her calls, neither does he reply for her messages. He returns all of Naira's things. He even refuses to help Naira regarding dance academy, which upsets her. Check Out The Spoilers With Pictures....


Naira wears the dress that was given to her by Kartik. He is shocked seeing Naira wearing the dress. Naira tries to show the ring and express her love for Kartik, but in vain.

Naira's Dance For Kartik

Naira dances for Kartik and expresses her love for him by showering flowers. Akshara and other family members are shocked seeing Naira dance. Kartik is so much shattered that he doesn't understand Naira's indications.

Naira Tries To Confess Her Love For Kartik

Naira also tries to get closer to Kartik. She tries to speak to him, but Nannu comes in between and she won't be able to say about her love for him.


As we revealed earlier, Naira and Gayu observe fast for Kartik. They wait for Kartik to break their fast, but he doesn't turn up. Gayu breaks the fast by seeing Kartik's photo.

Rama & Gayu

Rama gets to know about Gayu's love for Kartik. Naira overhears their conversation and is shattered. Eventually, Gayu and Kartik's love is known to all the family members.

Kartik Searches For Naira

The family members try to speak to Kartik about the same. Kartik shocks everyone by saying that he is leaving the house, while Gayu and Naira are upset. He wants to see Naira before he leaves, and searches for her.

Who Is This Girl With Kartik?

A heartbroken Kartik goes to Delhi. He will be spending time with a girl! You must be wondering who the girl is? Well, she is Kartik's sister Kirti.

Kartik With His Sister

Kartik will be seen taking shelter at his sister's house. He tries to forget Naira. Kirti will be seen helping her brother to deal with his heartbreak.


Kirti and Kartik will be seen spending time at the terrace. Kirti gets scared of a frog and she jumps seeing it. Kartik laughs seeing the frog and remembers Naira!


He reveals to Kirti that Naira, who was very close to him, called him ‘mendak (frog)' and he never got irritated. But now, he is annoyed with it!

Kirti Consoles Kartik

Kartik gets upset saying that he never got what he loved in his life. He feels dejected! Kirti will be seen consoling him.


Apparently, Kirti will be seen reuniting Kartik and Naira. And, while doing so, she would fall in love with Naksh. Well, Naksh aka Rohan Mehra is in Bigg Boss! Whether Rohan will be soon eliminated from the show or get replaced, has to be seen in the upcoming episodes....

Story So Far....

The family members get ready for Karva Chauth celebrations. They decorate the house, and the ladies apply mehendi,.as a part of the ritual.

Karishma is sad as Naman is not with her during the Karva Chauth festival. Akshara and Naitik try to console her.

On the other hand, the family members ask Akshara to spend time with Naitik. Akshara and Naitik share some romantic moments.

Eventually, Naira realises her love for Kartik. She wears the ring that Kartik gave to her. During Karva Chauth, Naira, along with Mishti and others, goes to the temple. Naira will be robbed by goons. They ask her to give the ring, while Naira refuses. She fights with the goons!

She rushes to the Maheshwari house to meet Kartik, but she gets to know that he is at the office. When she calls the office, she gets to know that Kartik is not at office as well. She returns to the Singhania house.

Meanwhile, Kartik shocks everyone by leaving the Maheshwari house. He decides to return to his place. He announces the same to the family members, who are shocked. Naira is upset with Kartik's decision.

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