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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Shocking Twists: Naitik Goes Missing; Naira To Doubt Kartik! (PICS)

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The makers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are keeping the audiences glued to the television screens with the latest twists. Along with Kartik, Gayu and Naira's love triangle, viewers are eagerly waiting for Naitik's entry.

We had recently reported that Akshara (Hina Khan) and her family will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in India, while Naitik (Vishal Singh) will be celebrating the festival in Kenya. Read on to know more about the upcoming spoilers with pictures...

Akshara Happy

Naitik calls the family members and informs them that he will be coming to home soon. Akshara is very happy with the news, and she dances with Gayu.


In India, Akshara will be seen eagerly waiting for Naitik, while the latter will also be waiting to see his family after a long time. Naksh and the family members decide to organise for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations to thank God for getting all things okay.

Naitik In Kenya

In the upcoming episodes, Akshara will be seen celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with her family members, while Naitik will be seen celebrating the festival in Kenya.

Askhara Senses Trouble

While celebrating the festival, the trishul from the idol falls down. Akshara holds the trishul and senses that somebody close to her family is in trouble.


Also, according to the latest spoiler, Naman who was with Naitik, reaches home and informs the family members that Naitik couldn't come home as he was caught up with an urgent work!

Naitik Goes Missing!

When the family members try to contact Naitik, they won't be able to reach him! It has to be recalled that Naman has differences with Naitik in the business. So, is Naman behind Naitik's missing case?

Naira Suspects Kartik

Also, Naira will be seen suspecting Kartik in Naitik's sudden disappearance. Apparently, audiences will get to see Kartik's another side. He will be looking into Naitik's file without anyone's knowledge.


Kartik will also be seen behaving strangely, which makes Naira suspect on him. Also, Naman brainwashes Naira against Kartik. Does Kartik have any hidden motive?

Kartik, Naira & Gayu

Kartik, Naira and Gayu's love will get a new twist. The makers are set to shoot their love triangle in Switzerland. The cast is all set for the trip. Well, we are eager to watch the upcoming track as well.

Story Till Now...
In the previous episode, we saw Nannu escaping from the house as he was scared of being caught with drugs. Also, Dadi gets injured as she falls off from the stairs while arguing with Nannu. Initially, he tries to clarify with the family members that he didn't push Dadi.

Kartik finds the drug (injection), and Naira and Kartik inform Akshara about Nannu taking drugs. The family members are worried about Nannu, while Kartik goes on to search Nannu.

But, Nannu is soon caught by some goons, who supplied drugs to him. They attack him, while Kartik comes on time and saves Nannu. The goons also try to stab Kartik, fortunately, he escapes.

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Nannu comes to the house, and apologises to the family members. He also apologises to Dadi as well. In the upcoming episodes, Nannu will be sent to the rehab for treatment.

Akshara will be upset that Naitik hasn't called her since a long time. Naira reveals to Kartik that everyone in the house are acting strong, but they are not - Akshara is upset that Naitik is not around and she was also seen scared about Nannu.

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