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BB 11: Ben To Be Nominated For Next 2 Weeks To Save Priyank; Vikas To Destroy His Jacket For Shilpa!

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Bigg Boss 11: Benafsha nominates herself to save Priyank Sharma | Filmibeat

With each passing day, the competition in the Bigg Boss 11 house is getting tougher. As we revealed earlier, Bigg Boss announced the nomination task which tested the friendship between the contestants.

Read all the highlights from the latest episode. Also, check out what's in store for the upcoming episode...

Ben & Priyank

Luv and Hina were seen discussing about Benafsha and Priyanka's growing closeness. Hina revealed to Luv that Priyank had told her that she (Ben) is falling for him, and he doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Ben was seen waking Priyank.

Priyank’s Statement Irks Shilpa

Benafsha tells Shilpa that Priyank was calling her (Shilpa) for lifting her on the back. Shilpa gets offended. Although Ben and Priyank apologise to Shilpa, Priyank's statement (that Shilpa is of his mom's age) irks her. Even Hina was seen supporting Shilpa as she felt Priyank was wrong!

Akash Feels Shilpa & Vikas' Fights Are Fake

Akash was seen discussing with Puneesh and Bandgi about Vikas and Shilpa's relationship. Akash feels that Vikas and Shilpa had planned their fights. Hina too, felt the same and added that Shilpa was playing a big game. Akash apologised to everyone.

Luv Saves Hina From Getting Nominated

Bigg Boss announced nomination task. Since Hina picked the phone first, she got nominated first. To save her, Luv had to write ‘Zero' on his forehead with mehendi and Bigg Boss asks him not to hide it with make-up. Luv agreed and Hina got saved.

Hiten Saves Akash

To save Akash from nomination, Hiten destroyed his family picture in the shredder. The frame was given by his wife during Diwali.

Priyank Saves Hiten

Priyank was asked to go bald to save Hiten from nomination. Even after Hiten asked Priyank to think over it and not to shave his head, Priyank goes for it!

Vikas Upset Over Priyank’s Decision

While Shilpa and Arshi teased the guys, Hina asked them to respect others' emotions. Vikas felt it was unnecessary for Priyank to get his head shaved to save Hiten (as Priyank has to do a show after leaving the house). Hina felt Vikas should have told Priyank this before and now there is no point in discussing it. Ben too agreed with Hina.

Benafsha Saves Priyank

Benafsha gets herself nominated for two more weeks, to save Priyank from nomination. She feels that Bigg Boss was testing her friendship and she had to answer it!

Vikas Upset Over Ben’s Decision

Vikas tried to make Ben understand that Priyank is popular and will be saved anyhow, so she shouldn't nominate herself. Ben feels that instead of getting nominated from someone else, it is good to get nominated from her friend Priyank!

Shilpa Plays A Prank

The task ends for the day, but Shilpa doesn't inform the housemates. She starts climbing down by saying that she can't play anymore. This shocks the housemates who try to stop her. But later, Shilpa reveals that the task will be continued the next day.

Vikas Destroys His Favourite Jacket For Shilpa

In the promo, Vikas was seen destroying his favourite jacket to save Shilpa Shinde from the nominations! Well, this is hard to believe, isn't?

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