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Beyhadh Wedding Twist: Vandana To Stop Maya-Arjun’s Marriage!

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In Beyhadh, Maya (Jennifer Winget) is madly in love with Arjun and wants to marry him by hook or crook! Arjun too, falls in Maya's trap and decide to marry her within seven days.

We had already seen both of them following the pre-wedding rituals. But, in every ritual, we saw Maya and Arjun facing some or the other problem. In the haldi ritual, Ashwin had created a scene, which made Maya panic and she had locked herself in the room.

Arjun consoles Maya and manages to convince her that when he is there she need not worry about Ashwin! During the Mehndi ceremony, Ashwin even tried to kill Arjun by shooting him! Fortunately, Arjun escapes.

Maya & Arjun Get Tattooed

Maya doesn't want to lose Arjun. Her mehndi gets spoiled but she will find other way. Apparently, she will tattoo Arjun's name.

Arjun Tattoo

Not just this, she will also make Arjun tattoo her name. Arjun and Maya get romantic. Maya will be seen writing (tattoo) her name on Arjun's chest.

Arjun's Bachelor Party!

Also, Arjun will be seen enjoying a bachelor party. He will be seen dancing with the pole dancers. Oops! What will Maya do when she gets to know that Arjun is dancing with other girls!!

Maya Kills Ashwin

On the other hand, Maya gets to know that Ashwin tried to kill Arjun and decides to end his life. During her marriage, Maya kills Ashwin.

Vandana Stops The Marriage

She will later dress as a bride and sit in the mantap for the marriage. According to the latest promo, Arjun's mother stops the marriage and takes Arjun from the mantap!

Jhanvi To Take Revenge!

Also, Maya's mother Jhanvi will get to know that Maya killed Ashwin and will decide to take revenge on her! She will decide to make Maya's life, a hell!

Vandana overhears Arjun and Maya's conversation and gets to know that Arjun had bribed the pandit to lie about their perfect match! She will leave Maya's house, without informing Arjun or Maya.

In the upcoming episodes, she gets to know from pandit that Maya is dangerous for Arjun as she can go to any extent, even hurt him, to get him!

Saanjh finds the bullet and asks Jhanvi as to why is she saving Ashwin even after knowing he is trying to kill Arjun. Jhanvi reveals to Saanjh that she is concerned about Maya and Arjun's marriage. If she had revealed about Ashwin, then Vandana would have called off the marriage

Oh my my!! Too much drama! After all these, will Arjun get to know about Maya's reality? Will he marry Maya? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

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