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Beyhadh Spoiler: Arjun Reunites With His Family; Maya Uses Samay To Create Trouble In Saanjh’s Life!

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The makers of Beyhadh are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting. The upcoming twist in the show will keep the audiences glued to the television screen.

Recently, the audiences witnessed a leap in the show. Post leap, Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) will be with a new boyfriend Samay, while Arjun (Kushal Tandon) will get to know Maya's (Jennifer Winget) psycho nature. Arjun will realise his mistake of not listening to Saanjh and distancing his family. But, he is helpless as he knows that Maya can go to any extent to harm anyone who separates her from Arjun. Read on to know the upcoming twists...


In the upcoming episode, Arjun and Ayan will confront each other. Ayan blames Arjun for marrying Maya and spoiling the family's peace! But, Arjun tries hard to convince Ayan as to why he married her!

Arjun Apologises To Vandana

Arjun later reaches his house and apologise to his mother, Vandana. Arjun begs to forgive him and accept his steps son.

Arjun-Vandana Bond

But, Vandana shocks everyone by slapping Arjun. No, it is not for Arjun's mistake! Apparently, Vandana feels bad as Arjun calls himself as her step son.

Vandana Asks Arjun Not To Leave Them

Vandana and Arjun will then share an emotional moment. Vandana asks Arjun as to why he took three years to realise his mistake and return home. She even asks him not to leave them.

Arjun Reunites With His Family

The family will then have a blast as Arjun reunite. They play carom together, and dance together. Will Maya get to know about Arjun and his family's reunion? Also, it has to be seen, whether Arjun returns to Maya or stays back with his family?

Maya Tortures Samay

Also, Maya will be seen torturing her ex-love Samay. She will lock him in her car's dicky and drives the car crazily. Samay falls from the car's dicky.

Will Maya Shoot Samay?

According to the latest promo, Maya also points gun towards Samay. What is Maya up to? Will she shoot Samay or leave him by warning him?

Maya Uses Samay To Create Trouble In Saanjh’s Life!

According to the latest spoiler, Maya will get to know Samay is Saanjh's boyfriend. She will use Samay's obsessive love for her. She will use Samay to kick Saanjh out of Arjun's life.

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Arjun avoids Saanjh. He knows that Maya is watching them and asks Saanjh to leave him. He massages Maya's legs and forehead, so that Saanjh leaves.

Meanwhile Samay gifts a card and golden fish to Maya. Initially, she thinks Arjun had sent the gifts for her and gets happy. But she will be shocked to know that her ex-boyfriend Samay had gifted them.

Samay is obsessive about Maya, while the latter is crazy about Arjun. Maya doesn't want her past to separate her from Arjun.

Maya will be seen torturing Samay indirectly. Apparently, the police arrest Samay and beats him badly, while Maya will be seen watching Samay suffer. Samay says he loves her a lot, while Maya thinks only her love can be beyhadh and signals the police to torture him more.

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