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Beyhadh Spoiler: OMG! Ayaan Sent Behind The Bars; Vandana Tries To Stab Maya!

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The makers of Beyhadh are keeping the audiences engrossed with the latest court room drama. As the viewers know, Ayaan has been trapped in Maya's (Jennifer Winget) plan. He is sent behind the bars, as Maya alleged that he tried to rape her.

Recently, the viewers witnessed Maya's high voltage drama in the court. Saanjh tries to prove Ayaan innocent, but in vain. Maya fabricates the evidences and proves herself innocent. Check out the latest updates and spoilers....

Saanjh Loses The Case!

Saanjh loses the case. Maya is proven innocent, while Ayaan is put behind the bars. Vandana and Saanjh are shattered as they know Ayaan is innocent!

Vandana Tries To Stab Maya!

In the upcoming episode, Vandana plans to kill Arjun. Since he is her son, and whatever happened is because of Maya, she moves towards Maya to stab her.

Arjun Stops Vandana

Fortunately, Arjun stops Vandana and makes her realise the reality. Arjun will be seen supporting and consoling Maya.

Vandana Begs Arjun & Maya

Vandana has no other option and begs Arjun and Maya to save her son, Ayaan. But again, Arjun and Maya don't pay heed to her requests.

Vandana Leaves

Helplessly, Vandana leaves the place. But, she seeing her fall, Arjun rushes towards Vandana. Apparently, Vandana suffers a heart attack!

Vandana Suffers A Heart Attack!

Maya is angry and worried seeing Arjun's concern for his mother. What will Maya do to separate Arjun from his mother? Will Saanjh lose hope and give up on proving Ayaan innocent? Will Saanjh get to know about Samay and Maya's past?

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Saanjh tries to prove that Maya is manipulating Arjun, and she has now trapped Ayaan. She just wants to separate Arjun from his family members and Ayaan's case is her first move!

Saanjh tells the court that Maya is a liar. She had faked her pregnancy and even tried to kill herself just to scare others. Ayaan's case is also fake. Saanjh uses the word 'nanga' (naked) in reference to bringing out her truth. But, Maya being her usual self, will take an extreme action and shock everyone.

Maya turns the table by dropping her jacket. She asks the judge to examine her injury marks. Even Maya's lawyer gives medical reports and CCTV footage that proves Ayaan has tried to rape Maya.

Moreover, Maya's obsessive lover Samay comes to her rescue. It has to be recalled that Saanjh had asked him to leave the town as he was the sole witness to prove Ayaan guilty. But, Maya's lawyer presents Samay to the court.

Maya's lawyer even reveals to the court that Saanjh had asked her fiancé, Samay not to attend the court session!

The judge goes through the evidences. Since all evidences were against Ayaan, he is put behind the bars!

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