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Beyhadh Spoiler: Maya Tortures Vandana; Will Arjun Save His Mom?

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The makers of Beyhadh are keeping audiences engaged with Maya's (Jennifer Winget) drama. Maya was furious that Arjun was getting closer to his family members, and she plans to separate them by using Arjun's brother, Ayaan.

As we revealed earlier, Ayaan is proved guilty and has been punished as he tried to rape Maya. Saanjh is still trying to bail out Ayaan.

Vandana To Spy On Maya!

To prove Ayaan innocent, Vandana decides to go to Maya's house. So that she can keep an eye on Maya and get evidences against her to prove Ayaan innocent.

Maya Tortures Vandana

In the upcoming episodes, Maya will be seen torturing Vandana! Maya makes Vandana eat kheer/soup. Vandana tastes the food and tells Maya that it takes like a poison.

Maya, Vandana & Arjun

Maya sends Arjun, who was also dining with them, to the room to get Vandana's medicines. When Arjun goes, Maya starts her drama and forcefully feeds Vandana, the food, saying it is good for health.

Vandana & Arjun

When Vandana tries to tell Arjun that Maya is a good person, Arjun gets up in angry. Maya, Arjun and Vandana will be seen getting into a conversation!

Maya Wants Vandana's Mobile

Maya somehow wants Vandana's mobile, but Vandana refuses to give it. Maya gets a mopping stick and starts cleaning the floor.

Maya's Trick

While cleaning, she makes the mobile fall into the water. Vandana gets scared as her only means of communicating to Saanjh, is also taken away by Maya!

Will Arjun Save His Mom?

Although Arjun knows Maya's reality, he supports her so that she doesn't harm his family members. But, his family members are unaware of it. Now that his mother is being tortured by Maya, will he be able to save her from Maya?

Story So Far...

Since Ayaan is jailed, Vandana and Saanjh are shattered. Vandana begs Arjun and Maya to save Ayaan, but in vain. She even tries to stab Maya, but Arjun saves Maya.

Post this incident, Vandana suffers a minor heart attack. No one will be there to take care of Vandana as Saanjh refuses to take care of her calling her, a neighbour, and Ayaan is also in jail. Arjun doesn't want to take her to his home as he knows about Maya's reality!

As Saanjh asks Arjun and Maya to take care of Vandana, Maya takes Vandana to her house. But, Vandana requests Saanjh to take her. Saanjh tells Vandana that she had promised Samay that she will change and not take neighbours responsibility.

At Maya's house, Maya sends Arjun to the office. She takes Vandana to Jhanvi's room. She starts torturing Vandana by her bitter words. Maya makes Arjun's mother to dance to her tunes.

Later, Vandana gets Saanjh's call. It is then revealed that Vandana's entry to Maya's house was Saanjh's plan. Saanjh asks Vandana to be careful as Maya can go to any level if she gets to know the truth.

Later, Maya shows Vandana her room, where she keeps tab on everyone with her camera! Vandana is shocked and scared!

Will Maya get to know Vandana-Saanjh's plan. Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

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