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Beyhadh Spoiler: Saanjh To Fight Ayaan’s Case; Maya’s Obsessive Lover Samay Turns A Spy!

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In Beyhadh, the viewers witnessed Maya's (Jennifer Winget) high voltage drama to separate Arjun from his family. She succeeds as well! In the upcoming episodes, Arjun gets stuck in Maya's 'maya jaal' completely.

Maya Cries...

In the previous episode, we saw how Maya makes Arjun believe that Ayaan tried to molest her. Arjun feels Maya cannot fake about rape and supports her.

Saanjh Fights Ayaan's Case

In the upcoming episodes, Saanjh decides to fight Ayaan's case. She will seen working hard and preparing for the case. On the other hand, Arjun also hires a lawyer.

Arjun Supports Maya

Arjun asks the lawyer not to let Ayaan get out of the jail as he tried to rape his bhabhi! Looks like Arjun has forgotten Maya's clever moves and decides to stay by her side.

Is Arjun Saving Ayaan?

But, Arjun knows Maya can destroy anybody to get Arjun. He also knows that Ayaan cannot stoop so low. Is this Arjun's way of dealing with Maya?

Saanjh Works On Ayaan's Case

On the other hand, seeing Saanjh prepare for the case, Samay (who is Saanjh's boyfriend but loves Maya crazily) acts as if he is supporting Saanjh.

Will Samay Help Maya Win?

As we revealed earlier, Maya will be using Samay to get Arjun back and to destroy Saanjh. According to the latest spoiler, Samay turns Maya's spy. He will give all Saanjh's preparation updates to Maya!

Arjun, Maya & Saanjh

Will Saanjh lose the case or will she get to know about Samay's reality? Will Saanjh help Arjun from coming out of Maya's ‘mayajaal'?

Read On To Know How Maya Trapped Ayaan....

In the previous episode, we saw how Arjun reunites with his family. Everyone is extremely happy. Arjun in an inebriated state reveals to Ayaan as to how Maya spies on her even in the washroom.

When Arjun wanted to stay with his family for three days as Maya is not at home, Maya fakes an injury and returns from airport. The doctor informs Arjun as to how Maya refused to get treated. Arjun leaves with Maya. When Arjun tries to go to his family, she gives an injection, which makes Arjun unconscious.

Ayaan rushes to Maya's house to free his brother as he gets to know Maya's reality. Maya locks Arjun's room and hides the key in her dress. Ayaan tries to get the key, but Maya's dress gets torn. Samay reaches the place as he had sensed Maya in trouble.

Maya accuses Ayaan of raping her and he gets arrested. Samay also supports Maya as he madly loves Maya. Arjun comes back to his senses and sees Maya in trouble. She would try to commit suicide.

Maya's drama of separating Arjun from his family succeeds as Arjun believes her. Maya cries as to how he believed his brother who tried to rape her!

Arjun rushes to the police station and warns Ayaan. Saanjh and Vandana warn Arjun from hurting or blaming Ayaan. Saanjh is annoyed as Arjun blindly believes his wife and not his brother!

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