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Bigg Boss 10: Why Colors/Bigg Boss Tolerated Om Swami For So Long?

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    The self-proclaimed Godman Om Swami was encouraged in Bigg Boss 10 house, thinking he was entertaining. Salman Khan even laughed at his talks initially, but later started warning him. The celebrities, who came on the reality show also said that Om Swami was most entertaining person in the house. We wonder, if they were asked to say so or did they really mean that!

    It has to be recalled that during one of the tasks, Om Swami crossed the line, when he inappropriately touched Lopa! He even pulled her dress! He even stooped so low that he proved his act right by blaming Lopa for wearing such a short dress.

    Even after this episode, Salman Khan and Bigg Boss warned the insane man and let him be inside the house. Read on....

    Adaa Khan & Sunny Leone

    It has to be noted that whenever he finds a beautiful woman, he calls her ‘Devi' and tried to flatter her. When celebrities like Adaa Khan and Sunny Leone entered the house, he didn't spare them as well!

    Sunny Leone & Adaa Khan

    He hugged Sunny Leone and touched Adaa Khan inappropriately while performing the Naagin dance. Sonakshi Sinha, who entered the house, seemed very careful and stayed away from Om Swami.

    Om Swami's Disgusting Acts

    We recently saw a few cases, where women were ill-treated. They were molested and in turn, they were blamed for their dressing sense. We talk so much about feminism, then why did the popular channel (Top channel), tolerate a person like Om Swami, who was openly making statements about the female contestants and their dressing sense.

    Makers Saved Om Swami For TRPs??

    The man was the most hated person in the house. The fans too, didn't want him, but was he brought again and again in the house for the heck of TRPs? He was even given authority to take immunity! At one point of time, the viewers felt the makers were saving him!

    Om Swami Had Criminal Records!

    Bigg Boss doesn't encourage contestants who have criminal records. Then, why did they take Om Swami, who had apparently 9 cases filed against him?

    Om Swami Was Allowed To Go Out!

    Om Swami was allowed to attend a session in the court, twice; when other contestants were not allowed to know what's happening outside the Bigg Boss house!

    Om Swami, A Dangerous Person!

    Also, in one of the episodes, Manu and Manveer found spoons and other sharp items with him. They claimed he slept with such things and they were scared of him. Even the contestants had requested Bigg Boss to take him out of the house as they were scared of him.

    Om Swami Carries Weapons!!

    Post elimination, Gaurav was quoted by an entertainment portal as saying, "I don't know why he is inside the house, he is dangerous. He carries weapons with him, hides knives and spoons, and sharpens wood pieces. Sometimes in the middle of night, I would get up to find him staring at me."

    Om & Not Swami!!

    Sahil Anand, who had been in the house as a wild card contestant was quoted by a leading daily as saying, "First of all, I don't think he is a Swami. Om thinks that he's an entertainer, but in reality, he is pathetic and psychotic. I guess, he does not even know what entertainment means."

    Why Makers Didn't Kick Him Out Before!

    He added, "According to me, he is the most disgusting Bigg Boss contestant across seasons. How can someone throw his pee on co-contestants? His abominable and appalling behaviour is not at all justified. Wonder why the makers had to wait for him to pee on Bani and Rohan to kick him out. He should have been thrown out long ago."

    No Respect For Women!

    Post eviction, Rahul Dev was quoted by the leading website as saying, "A man who has no respect for women, who make passes at them and looks at them inappropriately, is inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. So, I don't know where are we heading. The same viewers, who talk about women rights and progressiveness, are keeping him inside. I am disappointed with the audience."

    The viewers might have also noticed that most of the task was left incomplete because of Om Swami. But still, he was warned and not punished.

    During the Toofan task, the man stooped so low that he took off his pants in front of female contestants! When Salman asked him about the same, he said that he was feeling hot!

    Also, during captaincy task, he interfered when Rohan and Manveer were performing the task. Rohan lost his cool and even pushed Om Swami. But, Bigg Boss punished Rohan, as he became violent. What about Om Swami, who broke the rule? It would have been justified if Rohan and Om Swami both, were given punishments!

    When Salman questioned Om Swami about the same, he started claiming that Rohan slapped him and tried to hurt him. He even had hinted at that time that he would have thrown his piss on Rohan! But, then also Salman (Bigg Boss) gave a strict warning to Om Swami and left him!

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