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Bigg Boss 11: 6 Reasons Why Fans Hate Hina Khan On The Reality Show

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    Hina Khan became a household name with Star Plus' popular show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Her role as Akshara is considered one of the unforgettable characters in Indian television. The viewers loved Hina on her show and also considered as ideal bahu!

    But, the reality show, Bigg Boss 11 has showed the viewers the other side of the actress. While a few fans still love her, a few of them have started hating her because of the following reasons...

    1. Overconfident

    Hina Khan seems to be over the confident contestant in the house. She knows that she has a huge fan base and that they shall save her even if she is nominated. In two instances, she had mentioned (indirectly) that she won't be eliminated.


    Hina, Sapna and Priyank were nominated for eviction and Sapna feared that either she or Hina might get eliminated. But, Hina confidently tells Sapna that she is scared for Priyank, as he is not doing anything in the house.

    Hina Confident About Her Stay In The House!

    Also, in the recent Bigg Boss Court task, when Hina was seen crying, Priyank tried to console her by telling they are with her. But, Hina replied saying that it will be difficult for her to stay when they leave the house! So does she know that she will stay in the house till the end of the season?

    2. Cry Baby – Plays Victim Card

    She can be termed as ‘cry baby' of Bigg Boss season 11. Most of the time, she is seen playing the victim card and many fans feel that she cries in front of the cameras! Recently, when Shilpa refused to make eggs for her and lashed out at Hina saying that she is not her naukrani, Hina started weeping. She also makes it a big issue, while Luv and Priyank were seen supporting her!

    Fan’s Tweet: IɴDᴇRJᴇEᴛ SɪNɢH

    "#HinaKhan kya performance di hai camera ke liye, talking while crying so that audience knows why u r crying #BB11 #BiggBoss11 #BiggBoss."

    3. Miss Right

    She feels that whatever she says is right. This tweet (by Bigg Boss analyst), rightly explains her, "Never accept Ur wrong, If caught red-handed,say 'Maybe, but I don't remember,didn't mean it'."

    4. Instigates Fights Or Provokes Contestants

    She instigates fights or provokes contestants for fights. It has to be recalled that when Akash provoked Sapna against Shilpa, instead of calming them down, she opened the door so that Shilpa listens to her. Also every time there is a fight, she sits smiling on a table and watches the fight. This picture is a proof! (Image Source: @journayush2903 Twitter)

    Sapna-Puneesh Fight!

    Even when Puneesh told her casually that Hina has class audiences, while Sapna has mass audiences, she talks about the topic twice to Sapna, who gets offended! (Image Source: Axcha Twitter)

    5. Girl Power?

    When she fights for girls, it's a girl power, then she also make comments on Shilpa's appearance and Arshi's dresses!

    Fans’ Tweet: Zunaira

    "#Hina is getting worse nd worse everyday. She is such a diplomatic person.Girl power ki bat krne wali khud larkiyon ki izat ni krti. #BB11."


    "A celebrity calling Shilpa "hathni" on national tv. Girl you're sure going places with this attitude 👏🏻 #BigBoss11 #BB11 #MTVExtraDose."

    6. Drama Queen!

    Whenever there is some issue, she starts her drama. People feel that she is doing it for the footage.

    Fan’s Tweet: Raaz Bani Rahe ⚡‏ @KeepItRaaz

    "Vikas sacrificed his jacket, But No drama. Bandgi sacrificed makeup & all her clothes except two sets, But No drama. Shilpa sacrificed her brother's gifted picture, But no drama. Akash sacrificed his hair, But no drama. Hina sacrificed her Toy, Full on drama 😂😂😂 #BB11 #BiggBoss11."

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