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    Bigg Boss 11 Highlights: Priyank’s GF Breaks Up With Him; Arshi Feels Shilpa Disrespected Her Father

    Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma BREAKS DOWN after Divya Agarwal BREAKS UP with him | FilmiBeat

    Bigg Boss 11, Day 67: Arshi Khan is elated being the captain. She is seen ordering the housemates around. Akash Dadlani gets irritated with Arshi's orders and the duo get into an argument over food, in the kitchen.

    Later, Hiten Tejwani announces the luxury budget task. The housemates guess that their family will be visiting them. During the task, Bigg Boss would freeze the contestants, from time to time. The contestants are not allowed to move or talk. This task would test the contestants' patience and will power. As they freeze, one of the contestants' family members would visit the house.

    Luxury Budget Task – Statue Task

    Bigg Boss asks the housemates to freeze to test the housemates. Vikas tells Shilpa that he is missing his family. While Vikas gets emotional, Shilpa makes him laugh.

    Puneesh’s Father

    Puneesh father enters the house and first meets Shilpa and tells her that Puneesh's mother wants to meet her. He tells Vikas that he is the mastermind, and he tells Arshi that everyone wishes to meet her.

    Puneesh & His Father

    He then meets Luv and asks him to play on his own. He praises Hina and asks her not to cry too much. Bigg Boss frees Puneesh, who hugs his father and cries. Puneesh introduces him to his housemates. They spend some time together. As soon as Bigg Boss frees the other housemates, they greet Puneesh's father.

    Arshi’s Father Enters The House

    Arshi's father enters the house. He mistakes Shilpa for Hina and tells her that she talks fast. He then meets Hina and gets confused. She praises Hina. Later, he meets Shilpa and tells her that she is playing well. Bigg Boss frees Arshi, who introduces Hiten to her father.

    Arshi’s Father Wants Her To Change The Hairstyle!

    Arshi's father asks her to change her hairstyle. He also asks her to respect Salman and to call him ‘Salman sahab or Salman sir'.

    Arshi Feels Shilpa Disrespected Her Father!

    After her father leaves, she gets into an argument with Shilpa, as she feels Shilpa disrespected her father! She misbehaves with Shilpa. Vikas, Hiten and others try to stop Arshi, but to no avail. She even argues with Vikas and provokes him by calling him 'thali ka baigan'.

    Shilpa’s Mother Wins Hearts

    As soon as Shilpa's mother enters the house Hina tries to guess as to who it is. As we revealed, Shilpa's mother enters the house and advises all the housemates not to abuse others. She asks them to respect Shilpa as they call her mother!

    Shilpa & Her Mother

    Shilpa and her mother get teary-eyed as they hug each other. As Bigg Boss frees Shilpa, she takes her mother to the kitchen. Shilpa's mother asks her as to what she prepared, but she tells that she is out of the kitchen. Everyone meets her mother, excluding Arshi.

    Priyank’s Girlfriend Divya Agarwal Is Hurt

    Priyank's girlfriend, Divya Agarwal enters the house. She advises him that he doesn't need girls or a group to survive in the house. She says that he has hurt many girls in the house and outside the house, including her.

    Divya Says Priyank Is Unpredictable!

    She tells him that she hasn't come to de-motivate him. She reveals that he keeps changing his statements and has become unpredictable. She wanted to scold him, but after seeing him, she is not able to! She adds Vikas is his only true friend in the house.

    Divya Breaks Up With Priyank In The House!

    She also reveals to him that she has broken up with him. As soon as she leaves, Priyank runs out and calls out for her. He breaks down.

    Luv Irritated With Divya’s Words

    Vikas gets irritated with Priyank's behaviour. Hina and Luv try to console him. Luv gets irritated with Divya's words (as she asks Priyank not to play in group), while Hina tries to tell Luv that it was her point of view.

    Priyank Is Confused!

    Hina tells Priyank that he is having all these trouble as he is not able to stick to one girl. Luv asks him as to what Divya was telling, while Priyank remains clueless! Luv asks him as to why he didn't ask her as to what she was talking (about breakup), while Priyank tells him that he couldn't stop her!

    Bigg Boss 11: LOVE HURTS! Priyank Sharma's GF Divya Says He Has Hurt A Lot Of Girls Including Her!

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