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Bigg Boss 11: Post Priyank's Eviction, Luv Becomes HERO; Shilpa Beats Hina As Best Entertainer!

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    Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan's LIVE VOTING was FAKE? Shilpa defeats Hina | FilmiBeat

    We had recently revealed that Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Akash Dadlani tried Hina Khan's night suit (Extra Dose video). He also planned to wear it during the weekend episode as he found it cool.

    Well, Akash did wear Hina's night suit and Salman Khan trolled Akash for the same! Yesterday's (December 30) episode was more fun as Salman trolled all the contestants. Also, the episode was interesting as Shilpa's brother, Ashutosh, Hina's boyfriend, Rocky, Puneesh's girlfriend, Bandgi and Akash's mother were on the sets to grill the contestants! Read on to check out the highlights...

    Salman Teases Hina & Puneesh

    After teasing Akash for wearing Hina's night suit, Salman teases Hina and Puneesh about Rocky and Bandgi. He teases them that since there was shortage of bed in the padosi house, Bandgi and Rocky had to share the bed. Hina and Puneesh look shocked!

    Puneesh & Hina Are Shocked

    Salman tells them that Bandgi and Rocky bonded really well, and they even made New Year plans. He tells it so seriously that Puneesh asks whether he has to erase the name that he had written on his mike or write Bunz loves Rocky!

    Salman Teases Shilpa & Vikas

    Salman then asks Shilpa as to how she was confident that mothers might fight and asks Vikas as to why he was so worried about his mother. He even teases Vikas that his mother and Shilpa's brother have fixed his and Shilpa's marriage. He even shows their Shilpa and Vikas' morphed wedding picture!

    Salman Trolls Hina, Shilpa, Akash, Luv & Priyank!

    Salman makes fun of Hina for giving Shilpa 600 points instead of 60 points. He asks Hina, a few math questions; asks Akash (since he is a sportsperson) if he knew Mitali Raj (obviously, he answered, ‘no'!); asks Luv full-form of DVD (he answers wrongly as Digital Video Display, instead of Disc); asks Priyank a riddle (answers it correctly).

    Salman Welcomes The Guests

    Then Salman welcomes Bandgi, Rocky, Shilpa's brother and Akash's mother on the sets. He tells Rocky, Bandgi and Shilpa's brother about what he told to Hina, Puneesh and Shilpa and asks them to maintain the same. Puneesh and Hina confirm as to what really happened between Rocky and Bandgi to Akash's mom, who funnily plays along them!

    Ashutosh Grills Vikas

    Bandgi, Rocky, Shilpa's brother and Akash's mother grill the housemates. Ashutosh asks Vikas as to why he feels that Shilpa is acting and playing a game (Shilpa is not genuine). Vikas tries to clarify that he didn't mean it in a bad way, but he really feels everyone is playing the game and so is she.

    Rocky Grills Vikas

    Bandgi asks Vikas as to who will he be friends with if Priyank gets evicted. Vikas says Puneesh is closer to him in the house and others are his colleagues, of course. Even Rocky asks Vikas as to why he feels everyone is doing everything for the camera, while Vikas tries to justify.

    Bandgi Grills Hina

    Bandgi grills Hina and asks as to why she commented on Puneesh's looks (teeth), Hina tries to clarify that she didn't comment on his looks but commented on his teeth, while Salman says that Hina has a habit of changing her statements.

    Akash’s Mother Grills Puneesh

    Akash's mother grills Puneesh and asks him about his friendship with Akash. She asks as to why he didn't support Akash in becoming a captain. She asks the same question to Shilpa as well. While Salman jokes that Akash cannot become captain in this season. He might win a show, but might become a captain in the next season!

    Rocky Questions Shilpa

    Rocky asks Shilpa as to who deserves to win the show, while Shilpa tells that she wants Changu and Mangu (Puneesh and Akash) to win the show, if not her.

    Priyank EVICTED

    Salman bids goodbye to the family members and asks the contestants as to who might leave the show. Most of them feel Priyank would have got less number of votes. Salman then announces that Priyank is leaving the show, while Luv is shocked.

    Luv Becomes Hero From Zero!

    As Priyank bids goodbye to the contestants, Luv tells Hina that he still can't believe as to how he got saved over Priyank! Puneesh tells Luv that this was expected from the day he was nominated and he deserves to stay. Hina praises Luv and tells that people who called him zero are now feeling that he deserves to stay.

    Rallies & Vote Appeal For Luv

    For those who are wonder as to who votes for him, let us tell you that Luv has great support outside the house. Apparently, ‘Tyagi family' is conducting huge rallies and appealing for votes to save Luv Tyagi.

    Live Voting: Best Entertainer – Shilpa Or Hina?

    Also, Salman announces about live voting, where the audiences vote for the ‘Best Entertainer' in the house. Hina and Shilpa were asked to sing (and the twist is the contestants were asked to throw sponge ball at them to distract them) while the audiences vote.

    Shilpa Beats Hina As Best Entertainer

    Hina chose to sing, ‘Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhage', while Shilpa sang, ‘Apni Toh Jayse Tayse'. Although Hina sang the song beautifully, Shilpa was voted as the best entertainer (indeed she is!). While Hina got 65% votes, Shilpa received 77% votes.

    Shilpa Fans Create History!

    Let us also tell you that Shilpa Shinde fans created history by 1 Million tweets. #WeLoveShilpaShinde became worldwide trend. Even now, #shilpashinde is trending on Twitter.

    (Images Source: Colors TV)

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