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    Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Tries To Convince Bandgi For A Quickie; Too Much ‘GANDAGI’ Says Fans…

    Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra Lip Lock Kiss under the sheet | Filmibeat

    Bigg Boss 11 is hitting headlines mainly because of Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's romance in the house. The couple who is named as 'PunGi' by fans, are crossing their limits. Even the host of the show, Salman Khan had warned the duo about the number of cameras around them. Looks like they do not care!

    While a few contestants and the fans feel they are faking their love, Bandgi and Puneesh maintain that they are not faking it. Although it seems like it is their strategy to survive in the house, the fans feel it is too much and they are looking desperate.

    Puneesh Tries To Convince Bandgi For A Quickie!

    Recently a video was leaked in which Puneesh was trying to convince Bandgi for a quickie in the bathroom.

    Puneesh Desperate!

    In the video, Puneesh is trying to explain to Bandgi as to how it is not important for them to sleep after ‘having it'. They could make it just a 10-minute affair, as it depends on them! Bandgi, who looked reluctant, says it is impossible in 10 min. She is seen smiling throughout!

    Puneesh’s Drama!

    Clearly, we can see in the video that Puneesh is aware about the cameras (as he looked towards camera). Well, if they really love each other, then they wouldn't use mike and say such things!

    Fans Upset With PunGi!

    Meanwhile, the fans are upset with the duo's extreme PDA and say there is too much ‘Gandagi (Dirty)' in the house, because of them. In fact, they have nicknamed Bandgi as ‘Gandagi'!

    Fans Tweets: Alik‏

    "#BB11 Three most disgusting contestants of these season: 1. #VikasGupta 2. #ShilpaShinde 3. #ArshiKhan; Three most psycho contestants: 1. #benafsa 2. #AkashDadlani 3. #HinaKhan; Three most cool people: 1. #HitenTejwani 2.#PriyankSharma 3. #LuvTyagi; Porn stars - #PunGi 😂😂."

    Krissh 💥‏

    "Thank you @BiggBoss for throwing out #Ben ab plzzz #pungi ko bhi bahar feko... they are so desperate #BB11 #BiggBoss11."

    Gtanmayi, Bhawna & Ainy913

    Gtanmayi: These 2 are disgusting..Sirf camere ki taraf dekhte h aur Bkwas krte h.
    Bhawna_chahar: Shameless people.
    Ainy913: Gandy log hn .biggboss ko chai iny show ky bhr phankn Inki Gandi harkaton ki waja sy cheapness ki had ha.

    Bebo Kirti‏

    "Pungi ki gandagi TRP k liye dikhayi ja rahi h.... Bt usse mumma jaan jaegi ki hum bade ho gye h... 😂😂😂 #BiggBoss11 #pungi."


    "Hum #pungi ka honeymoon nahi dekhna. Please tell them BB. It's very irritating and boring @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #BB11 #BiggBoss11."

    Sapna jha‏

    "#pungi ki gandgi television par bahut zyada ho rahi h @ColorsTV plz stop telecasting its very embarrassing to watch with the family. Ladai ho rahi h wo kam h jo aisi cheeze b dekhne padengi."

    Soma Chakraborty‏

    "Footage k liye koi itna gir sakta hai wo #pungi ne dikha di. yea sab karne k ilaba aur kuch sujhti nehi hai in dono ko. #EvictPungi."

    VG 🎬‏

    "Request to @ColorsTV PLEASE STOP SHOWING THIS #PUNGI ROMANCE. #BB11 is very uncomfortable to watch with elders. @BiggBoss."

    Tara Mist‏

    "Fast forwards every time when @BiggBoss airs #PUNGI shit!!! ***CRINGES*** #stopthatsoftporn! #BB11 #BiggBoss11."

    Divya Desai‏

    "#BandagiKalra what the hell are you thinking about yourself idiot, shameless, both of you #Gandagi spoiling this show, you are blaming someone #Priyank instead of that just realise what shit you are doing. Please biggboss through them out without nomination #BB11."

    BB 11: Ben Says Her Closeness With Priyank Was A BIG JOKE; Adds Hina Is NOT A Strong-headed Person!

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