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Did Kapil Sharma Disobey Sony By Not Mentioning Sunil Grover’s Name On 100th Episode?

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Post his fight with Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma is in news for wrong reasons, and his show The Kapil Sharma Show has become a target. TKSS recently completed 100 episodes and Kapil also gave a Thank You speech.

The buzz is that Kapil was instructed by Sony to thank Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar and Sugandha Mishra and mention their names in his speech. But, Kapil was in no mood to agree to their demand and apparently changed the script at the last moment! Read on...

Kapil's Thank You Speech

It has to be recalled that in his Thank You speech Kapil said, "I would also like to thank my current team and the ones who are not with us today." By saying ‘team members who are not with them today' he indicated at Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar!

Sunil Not Returning To TKSS

Sunil Grover is not in mood to return to the show. In an interview to Spotboye, Sunil Grover said that going back to TKSS is not in his mind.

Was Sunil Hurt As Kapil Didn't Mention His Name On 100th Episode?

When asked if he was hurt as Kapil didn't mention his name in the Thanksgiving in the 100th episode, Sunil was cool about it and said it doesn't make any difference.

Sunil Has Not Time To Watch TKSS?

He said, "Frankly I didn't see the 100th episode, but what difference does it make if he didn't take my name? I was an integral part of the show, wasn't I? Why thank me? Mera bhi toh show tha woh."

Sunil Realised That It Was Not His Show!

When Sunil was asked if he felt that the show was his as much as Kapil's, Sunil said, "No, I am not saying that. In fact, I realised it much later that it was not my show."

Sunil Is In Touch With Others Who Left TKSS

When asked if others who had left the show (Chandan and Ali) are talking with him, Sunil said, "Jobless people will talk to each other na? Yes, we do talk."

Sunil also said that he is so busy that he hasn't been watching the show after he left. He has just seen a few promos.
Sunil also remained silent when he was asked if he would work with Kapil in future on any other venture. This shows how much Sunil was hurt with the fight.

But, when asked about the fight, instead of explaining what happened between them, he just said, "The situation is such that I can't even believe certain things that have happened. Everything happened so sudden. It was like an emergency landing."

Sunil has been approached for new work, but he says that he hasn't decided on anything yet.

After Sunil and others' exit from TKSS, the show has dropped down on the TRP charts. It is said that Kapil has also been given an ultimatum from the channel to improve the ratings.

Also, recently, a source said that TKSS' TRPs are down because of IPL and the show is not getting axed.

For the uninitiated, Kapil assaulted his co-actor Sunil Grover and misbehaved with his childhood friend Chandan Prabhakar, when they were returning from Melbourne and Sydney, after finishing a stage show. Apparently, Kapil was drunk during the fight.

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