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Did Manveer Gujjar Fool Everybody By Not Revealing About His Marital Status?

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Manveer Gujjar won the Bigg Boss 10 title for his honesty and dedication. Looks like everything is getting spoiled, because of his past! Not only fans, but his inmates (including his best friends) were shocked with Manveer marriage video. While his mother said that he is unmarried, Manveer hasn't given any official statement regarding the same.

There are reports that Manveer had told to VJ Bani that he is married and has a 5-year-old daughter named Vibhisha. Apparently, he had even said 'hi' to his daughter on camera. When Manveer was asked about his marital status, he told "Zaroori thodi hai ki har tag batana pade. Wo sab chalta hai."

A few of his inmates Mona, Gaurav and Rohan had already commented on Manveer's marriage. Read on to know what his best friends Manu and Nitibha, and Priyanka Jagga have to say...


When an entertainment portal asked Manveer's close friend Nitibha, she said, "I don't want to talk anything about Manveer's wedding for now. I will talk at some later date. For now, I can only say that I was not involved with him."

Nitibha's Friend

Nitibha's friend was quoted by the entertainment portal as saying, "Listen, Nitibha is shocked. She won't talk right now. Please don't push her to say anything. She will definitely spill the beans on Manveer when the time is right and she wants to."


Manu too, was shocked with Manveer's marriage video. He said, "Look, what can you do to someone who has already decided what to say and do in the show? We were all playing a game and Manveer had his own set of cards."


He added, "No, Manveer did not tell even me that he has a wife. If he had told me, it would have been captured by the cameras and Colors wouldn't have edited spicy stuff."

Manu Wants To Talk To Manveer First

Manu, who is close to Manveer, did not want to give any statement without checking with his friend. He said, "I would like to comment on his wedding but not before I have checked with him. He is a very good friend of mine."

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga, who was also friends with Manu and Manveer for a short period of time, was asked about the same. She was quoted by the website as saying, "I am shocked to see Manveer ke shaadi ka video. It's all out there."

Manveer Ran Away From Mandap?

She added, "I distinctly remember that he had told us in the house that he had run away from his wedding mandap. I think he smartly manipulated his victory, by wooing female fans with his single status."

Priyanka Adds...

"It is shocking to know that this man had another side to him, which he managed to hide it from us convincingly. I feel quite weird about it."

Some of fans may agree partly with what Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi had said. Did Manveer 'smartly manipulated his victory, by wooing female fans with his single status'? Did Manveer 'already decide what to say and do in the show'?

If Manveer is really married, what is wrong in revealing or accepting the same? His stardom won't get affected if he tells the truth. But with this one lie, he will lose his fans for sure! Now that his fans made him win the Bigg Boss title, they will definitely feel that Manveer fooled them by not revealing everything about him!

Right from his entry to his hometown till now, Manveer is under media scanner. He is no more a common man and has to watch his each step before he move ahead. He has to watch his language as well (Manveer was seen abusing during a rally. The video also went viral. He took to social media and apologised to his fans. He clarified that he was talking to his friends after long time.).

While few people might think he lied, a few other fans might not care as they might feel that it is his personal life! Hit the comment box to share your views...

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