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Jana Na Dil Se Door: After Smita Bansal, Kalindi Aka Aaradhna Uppal’s Track To End!

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The makers of Jana Na Dil Se Door are leaving no stones unturned to bring shocking twists in the show. The show took two leaps recently. The makers shocked the viewers with Smita Bansal exit. They have introduced a new track with Sara Khan's entry.

Here's another shocking development in the story ....

Aaradhna Confirms Her Exit

Aaradhna confirmed about her exit. She was quoted by an entertainment portal as saying, "Yes. My character in the show is ending. I was not aware of the same but that is how the track was supposed to be."

Aaradhna Uppal’s Track To End

According to the latest report, Aaradhna Uppal, who plays the role of Kalindi will be exiting the show. Her track will end with her death in the show.

Kangana Kills Kalindi

As we saw in the previous episode, Kangana will inject a poison that she carries on her bangle with the help of a hairpin on Kalindi's neck.

Kalindi Is A Changed Person

It has to be recalled that Kalindi is out from jail and is a changed person. She apologises to the family members and requests them to accept her!

Why Kangana Kills Kalindi?

Kangana enters the family with a revenge motive. Apparently, Kalindi overhears Kangana, who would be talking to herself as to how she plans to destroy the Vashisth family.

Kalindi Warns Kangana

Kalinidi confronts Kangana and warns her. She reveals that if she doesn't watch her actions, she would reveal her true face to Vividha.

Will Vividha Get To Know About Kangana’s Hidden Motive?

This doesn't go well with Kangana and decides to kill Kalindi. According to the latest promo, Vividha goes in search of Kangana and Kalindi and finds them. Kalindi will also try to tell something to Vividha. Will Vividha get to know about Kangana's motive?

Shivani Surve With Aaradhna

Shivani Surve shared a picture snapped with Aaradhna, Shashank and Bhavini Purohit. She wrote, "Hey you @aaradhnauppal Iam missing you already ❤️️❤️️."

Aaradhna Uppal

Aaradhna too shared a video clip and wrote, "So MUCH love. I am overwhelmed. Love you guys. @purohitbhavini @shivani_surve @ishashankvyas."

Story So Far...

It has to be recalled that Ravish (Shashank Vyas) rescues Kangana (Sara Khan) and gets her home as she gets hurt. Post accident, she acts as if she forgot her identity.

Ravish gives an advertisement about her and fake people come to take her. But, somehow Ravish and other family members save Kangana from them.

In the previous episode, we saw how Kalindi re-enters the house and apologises to Ravish, who refuses to accept her. Vividha (Shivani Surve) tries to explain Ravish, but in vain. Kangana also asks Ravish to accept Kalindi as she knows the pain of being lonely. Ravish leaves the place without saying a word.

Vividha organises for a small get together party and the family members enjoys. Ravish and Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) will be seen preparing food.

Meanwhile, Vividha teases Kangana as to how Ravish agreed when she asked him to accept Kalindi.

Madhav feels sleepy, while Kangana takes him to the bedroom. She tells him as to how shamelessly they are enjoying without thinking of him. She adds that she will punish them. Kalinidi overhears their conversation and decides to talk to Vividha as she feels the girl is dangerous.

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