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Jana Na Dil Se Door SPOILER: Vividha & Madhav In Different Looks; What Are They Up To?

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In Jana Na Dil Se Door, Vividha (Shivani Surve) is happy to get her son Madhav back home safe. She also wants to know what scared Madhav at Raghav's place. She asks Ravish to let her find out. Unaware that Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) had rescued Madhav, she calls Raghav (Atharv) to thank him. She also asks him to give him his address so that she can meet him and personally thank him!

Atharv aka Raghav feels Vividha's voice familiar, but he won't be able to recognise. He gives Vividha his address and continues to surprise his wife Guddi (Gargi) with Holi arrangements.

Suman & Tantrik

Suman talks to the tantric lady through telepathy. She is happy that Vividha misunderstood Atharv. But, the tantric warns Suman. Suman doesn't want Atharv and Vividha to meet till Amavasaya.

Raghav & Guddi

Raghav gets Vividha's gifts and asks Guddi about Vividha. Guddi tries to distract Raghav from thinking about Vividha, but in vain.

Guddi Lies To Raghav

Raghav asks if he has seen the girl in the sketch in the picture. He even guesses it to be Madhav's mother. But Guddi lies as she recalls Suman's warning. Suman would have threatened her to keep Vividha's matter secret else she would kill her!

Vividha Lies To Sujatha

Sujatha asks Vividha about the trip, but Vividha lies to her. She doesn't reveal about Atharv. Seeing Suman, Madhav falls down. Seeing Madhav unconscious everybody panics.

Suman Spikes Madhav's Drink

Suman decides to keep Vividha busy in Ajmer. Apparently, Suman would have spiked Madhav's drink that would have made him unconscious.

Vividha Senses Something Fishy!

While checking Madhav's bag, she gets something suspicious. Also, she finds a powder in Madhav's milk. Vividha gets to know that something is fishy and decides to investigate the same!

Madhav Disguised As A Girl!

Well, we came across Madhav's 'girl look' on social media. Also Vividha will be seen in a villager look! Looks like Vividha has not given up and is up to something? (Image Source: Instagram)

Vividha In A Village Girl Look!

May be Vividha and Madhav (in different looks) would land in Vashisht house to investigate about the same or to spy on Suman! Stay locked to this space for the latest updates... (Image Source: Instagram)

Story So Far...

On the other hand, Suman and Guddi are worried. Before Guddi could tell anything about Vividha's call to Suman, Vividha reaches the house. Vividha will be shocked to see the Vashisht house. She recalls all her past moments and gets upset.

Finally, Vividha gets to see Atharv with Gargi aka Guddi and will be shocked. She watches him closely and will be shattered to see her love with another girl! She comes out of the Vashisht house and cries badly.

She goes back to Ajmer and reveals the same to Ravish. She also feels that she did a mistake by trusting Atharv. She thinks her decision of moving on with Ravish was right. She adds Ravish as to how shameless Atharv is as he is staying at Ravish's house. Vividha feels bad for Ravish as Kalindi snatched the house from him.

Ravish consoles Vividha by saying that Atharv is happy and they too, are happy at Ajmer. He also adds that Ramakanth (his father) had left the property for Atharv. He is not upset that he lost his house, as relationship matters to him the most.

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