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Jana Na Dil Se Door SPOILER: Vividha Misunderstands Atharv After Seeing Him With Guddi!

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The makers of Jana Na Dil Se Door are keeping the audiences engaged with the latest twist. The 4-year-leap, that happened recently, has brought about a lot of changes on the show. As we revealed, Vividha (Shivani Surve) and Ravish (Shashank Vyas) have a son named Madhav, while Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan) has lost his memory and is staying with Suman.

Apparently, Suman is behind Atharv's memory loss as she has been making him drink a 'Khada' that is mixed with herbs given by a tantric (a lady)! Suman is planning something big during 'maha amavasya', to keep Atharv and Vividha away from each other.

On the other hand, Vividha is unaware of Suman's reality. Vividha's family, Sujatha and Ravish also do not know about Atharv's whereabouts. Suman makes Vividha and Ravish believe that she is involved in spiritual work. But, she is hiding Atharv's truth from everyone for Ravish's good future.

Ramanand Warns Vividha

The saint, who visited Vividha's house, had given a clue to Vividha that Suman is not like how she looks! Vividha will also get a few clues against Suman that will make her spy on Suman.

Vividha Gets To See Raghav's Name On Suman's Contact List

In the previous episode, we saw how Vividha doubts Raghav, who helped Vividha and Ravish to get their kid Madhav back, but didn't meet them. She feels something fishy as she had seen the name (Raghav) on Suman's contact list!

Vividha Was A Few Steps Away From Atharv!

Also, instead of Raghav, Guddi (who introduces herself as Gargi) drops Madhav. She hides Atharv in the backseat of the car. Vividha get to see Raghav's eyes (as he was covered), and feels strange!


Atharv also gets to see Vividha slightly and recalls his dream. When Atharv tries to stop her, she feels that Atharv was calling her and looks back. But she fails to see him as Guddi hides Atharv.


After all these strange events, Vividha also get to hear from Madhav that his badi dadi (Suman) was at Raghav's house. This will lead to Vividha spying on Suman.

Vividha Follows Suman

Vividha follows Suman and will be shocked to see her in Raghav's house. The family members will be seen playing Holi.

Vividha Misunderstands Seeing Atharv & Guddi Together!

Vividha will be shocked to see Atharv with Guddi (Gargi). She misunderstands him and gets hurt. She feels that he has moved on in his life!

Story So Far...

As we had revealed earlier, Vividha and Ravish get worried as Madhav gets kidnapped. They get to see from the CCTV footage that Madhav is in Delhi (from car's number plate)!

Madhav manages to escape and gets locked in a car's trunk. Somehow he escapes from there also and reaches Raghav house. He will be shocked to see his badi dadi (Suman) in the house. Suman tries to hide herself from Madhav.

Raghav doesn't recognise when Madhav reveals his parents' names. He calls Ravish and informs him that Madhav is safe with them and he will drop him to them!

Ravish too, do not recognise Atharv's voice. Suman fears that if Raghav meets Vividha, her plan would fail. She makes him drink a 'Khadha' by doubling the dose of the medicine.

Apparently, with that medicine, Suman wanted to kill Raghav and Madhav. But Guddi saves them unknowingly, by driving the car instead of Raghav.

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