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Preeti Simoes NOT Doing A New Show With Sunil Grover; Has Kapil Sharma Given Up Convincing Sunil?

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It has almost been three weeks since Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover's nasty mid-air scuffle, but the controversy around the duo doesn't seem to end anytime soon. A lot has been written about the nasty fight.

Recently, there were rumours that Sony channel is not ready to let Sunil Grover go, and are planning to cast him in a new show. There were also rumours that Preeti is doing a new show with Sunil! But, Preeti has denied the rumours. Read on to know what Preeti has to say...

Preeti Denies Doing A New Show With Sunil

Preeti was quoted by TOI as saying, "Yes, I too just heard some strange stories about me launching a new show with Sunil Grover. There are no such developments. It's all a figment of some over active imagination." (Image Source: Instagram)

Preeti & Sunil Share A Great Bond

"We have all been a great team and worked well. In fact, I share a very special bond with not just Sunil, but all of them. Sunil and I fight like siblings over creative issues and I always consider him like a brother that I don't have."

Preeti Adds…

"They all have looked out for me as my family. Any plans for the future (which presently are on hold) will be taken with their guidance cause of the mutual respect we have for each other. But considering the present scenario, I don't think anyone is in the space of planning as these false reports suggest." (Image Source: Instagram)

None Clarified About The New Show With Preeti!

"The sad part is no one has even called to verify the story but has based it on assumptions of an unknown source. I wish credibility of these sources was checked. It's not fair to keep feeding fans with false information especially at such sensitive times." (Image Source: Instagram)

About Kapil Sharma’s New Team…

"I've just got back from my break. I will share my plans soon Kapil has a team in place with a few new members joining in. They have shot the last few episodes. Be it the celebrity line up or content."

Preeti Was On A Vacation

"It is extremely encouraging that you are not truly missed and that has given me time to finally spend with my family who felt pretty ignored all these years." (Image Source: Instagram)

Has Kapil Given Up Convincing Sunil?

According to IE report, Kapil Sharma has persuading Sunil Grover to join The Kapil Sharma Show. A source was quoted by the leading daily as saying, "When you keep trying, apologise, try over and over again to convince someone and the person is still unmoved, then there's no point left."

Kapil Had Enough!

"Kapil has stopped taking any effort now. He did a lot and he had enough. Not only him, a lot of other people involved with the show, the topmost authorities tried talking to Sunil but he is not ready to change his mind."

The source further added, "Generally production houses have contacts with artistes but Kapil never had such a contract with Sunil. He always maintained that Sunil is a friend, it's his show as much as Kapil's and he is free to join and leave the show whenever he wants. Had there been a contract Sunil would have had to return to the show."

Neither Kapil nor Sunil are ready to talk about the ugly spat. But their recent cryptic messages on Twitter indicate that both of them have moved on!

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The Kapil Sharma's show, which was on top 5 slot, had dropped drastically on the TRP charts. Although it is back on top 10 slot, it has a long way to go! We must say, the fight had indeed affected the show. The fans are missing both Sunil and Kapil's funny conversation and want them back. Apparently, the makers had even given an option to Sunil that if he is back on the show, his conversation with Kapil will be kept minimal!

It has to be seen whether Sunil will be back on TKSS for his fans at least!

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