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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai SPOILER: Geetanjali Digs Rishabh's Past; Ratna Attempts To Kill Geetanjali!

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Star Plus' latest offering 'Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai' is keeping the audiences engrossed with its intriguing storyline. Rishabh's past with Ragini is haunting him. Priyam makes a huge revelation and claims that Chandra's husband Radhesham had tampered with Abhimanyu's car which led him to die in the accident.

Priyam also reveals that Radhesham did not accompany Abhimanyu on the return journey and therefore Abhimanyu was the only one who has died and Radhesham is alive. After knowing this truth, Geetanjali demands Chanda to reveal where Radhesham is, but Chanda insists that her husband is no more.

It is revealed that Chanda is pregnant and Geetanjali demands to know the father of the child. At this point, Ratna hints at Rishabh being the father of Chanda's unborn baby, leaving Geetanjali shocked. She confronts Rishabh about the same. However, Rishabh denies all the allegations. (Check out the latest spoiler below)

Geetanjali Gets A Big Clue

In the upcoming episodes, Geetanjali will set out to find the mystery about Abhimanyu's death. As per the latest spoiler, she will get a big clue.

Geetanjali Discovers Shocking Secrets

She will follow the trail only to discover some shockign secrets about Kavya, Ratna and Rishabh and before she proceeds further, she will be attacked by Ratna.

Priyam Saves Geetanjali

If reports are to be believed, Ratna will attempt to kill Geetanjali, but Priyam will save her at the nick of time.

Geetanjali Arranges Chanda's Wedding

Nonetheless, Geetanjali will put on a brave face. In order to expose her family members, she will arrange Chanda's wedding. She will get to know that Chanda's husband Radhesham is into hiding as per her family's orders.

Geetanjali's Plan

Geetanjali will organize Chanda's wedding as she wants Radhesham to come out in public. Will her plan be successful? Stay tuned to know.

Rajveer Gets A Call

Amidst all this, Rajveer will get an anonymous call stating that, Geetanjali will be attacked on the day of Chanda's wedding and he should save her. Who will attack Geetanjali? Will Rajveer save her on time?

If reports are to be believed, Geetanjali will slowly discover that her family memebrs are hiding a big secret from her. Will she able to solve the mystery? Keep guessing!

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