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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil SPOILER: Veer To Get Killed During Naina's Godh Bharai Ceremony!

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In Star Plus' popular soap Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil, a high-voltage drama is going on of late. Dadi has come out of coma and is happy to learn that Naina (Drashti Dhami) is pregnant. However, Sudha and Pam instigate Dadi against Naina, by claiming that the child does not belong to Raghav.

Raghav is made to undergo a DNA test, post which it is proved that Raghav is the father of the child, much to Naina and Raghav's shock. It is revealed that Harjeet has smartly replaced Reyaan's name with Raghav. Meanwhile, she is on a mission to kill the baby.

Dadi's joy knows no bounds and she intends to organize a grand 'godh bharai' for Naina. (Check out the latest spoiler below)

Naina's Godh Bharai

In the upcoming episodes, Naina's grand godh bharai ceremony will be organised. Dadi will excitedly overlook the preparations.

Dadi & Raghav

Both Dadi and Raghav will be seen worrying about Naina's safety. Raghav will ensure Dadi that Naina will be safe.

Veer Sneaks Into The Mehra House

During the godh bharai ceremony, Veer will sneak into the Mehra house and aims a gun at Raghav. If reports are to be believed, Veer will appointed by Harjeet to kill Naina and Raghav.

Veer Gets Killed

However, in a shocking turn of events, Veer will get killed during the godh bharai ceremony. With this, Laksh Lalwani's track will come to an end.

Laksh Bags 'Porus'

As we had reported earlier, Laksh has quit the show as he was unhappy with the way his role was shaping up in the show. The young actor has been finalised to play a lead role in Siddharth Kumar Tewary's upcoming historical show, 'Porus'.

Naina & Raghav

Who murdered Veer? Will Raghav and Naina decode Veer's murder mystery? Stay tuned to know...

In The Last Episode...

Raghav thrashes Veer, but the other family members stop him. Veer ill treats Dadi. A furious Raghav steps ahead to thrash Veer, but Dadi stops him. Veer continues to insult Dadi and Naina.

Raghav tells Veer that, he will be punished for his act and informs the police. Sudha and Madan are disappointed with Veer too. Soon, the police arrives to arrest Veer. Raghav and Naina console Dadi.

Soon, Dadi notices Raghav and Naina heading towards separate rooms to sleep. Raghav makes excuses by telling that Naina kicks him in sleep, but Dadi asks him not to leave Naina alone.

Naina dreams about Raghav being shot by an anonymous person and wakes up from sleep. Raghav consoles Naina and puts her to sleep.

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