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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Gulabo Spreads Her Magic; Ishita Selects Gulabo As Pihu’s Nanny!

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In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman (Karan Patel) has been missing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as she is not in the Bhalla house. Also, Mani would have restricted Raman's entry to his house, and instructs the guards to not to allow Raman to meet his kids! This irks Raman, who gets into an argument with Ishita again!

As we revealed earlier, to meet his kids, Raman takes Gulabo's avatar. Soon, he will be seen spreading his magic on all members of his family. Read on...


Romi and Raman get to know that Nidhi is threatening Mani. Romi suggests to change his avatar to meet Pihu. Raman likes the idea and rushes to meet Abhishek and his fiancée Divya.

Raman Takes Divya's Help

Divya is a make-up artist and Raman takes her to help him change his avatar. He wants to become a woman, so that he can apply for the job of Pihu's Nanny.

Romi & Abhishek Shocked

Seeing Raman in Gulabo avatar, Romi and Abhishek are shocked. On the way, he also hits a man, who teases girls. The ladies praise Gulabo for being so brave!


Raman was getting late and takes an auto. Since the auto driver was smitten by Gulabo's look, he bumps the auto! Raman was left with no other option but to take another auto.

Raman Aka Gulabo With Mr Bhalla

Raman finally enters Mani's house, but bumps into his father Mr Bhalla. Raman fears that if Mr Bhalla recognises him, his work would be incomplete. Fortunately, Mr Bhalla too, doesn't recognise him.

Shagun & Ishita Take Interview

Shagun and Ishita will be seen taking interviews of the ladies. But, they don't like anyone. Finally, Shagun likes a lady called Poonam and appoints her as Pihu's Nanny.

Ishita Likes Gulabo

At the same time, Ishita takes Gulabo's interview. She likes Gulabo. Since, Shagun would have already appointed a lady, she apologises to Gulabo!

Poonam Tortures Pihu

Raman finds Poonam torturing Pihu. She will also be sent to jail. Now, Gulabo will get appointed as Pihu's Nanny!

Gulabo Spreads Her Magic

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Ishita bonding with Gulabo. Also, Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer too, get attracted to Gulabo! It has to be seen as to how will Raman deal with this problem!

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Mani was worried as Nidhi is blackmailing him. Nidhi threatens to harm his aunt, if he doesn't do whatever she asks him to do. Nidhi's main intention is to separate Raman and Ishita. It has to be recalled that previously, she used Ruhi, and now she is using Mani as her trump card to separate IshRa.

As we know, Ishita is upset with Raman. She wants to teach him a lesson, and has come to Mani's place to take care of Shagun. She also promises to take care of Shagun so that Mani can concentrate on his work.

But, Ishita gets annoyed with Mani as he doesn't allow Raman to meet his kids. She even tells him that she would leave the house, if he has a problem with her. But, Mani handles the situation by telling her that he is also helping Ishita to teach Raman a lesson.

Pihu is worried as she is not able to learn history. Raman was a good teacher but now he will not be able to teach her, as Mani has barred him from entering his house. He also gives an advertisement in the newspapers to find a suitable Nanny for Pihu.

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