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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler: Why Kartik Decides To Return To Goenka House?

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The makers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are keeping the audiences engrossed with Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira's (Shivangi Joshi) track. The viewers recently witnessed Kartik and Naira's grand wedding. Now, the audiences will get to watch Kartik and Naira's post marriage struggles.

We had already revealed that Kartik and Naira shift to a new house. Although, the Goenka family members are upset with Kartik's move, they are helpless as Kartik is adamant on his stand. Even Naira tries to convince Kartik to stay back at Goenka house. But every time they discuss this topic, they land into serious argument. Naira also gives up. When Singhania family get to know about the same during the Gangor festival, they get upset with Naira. Read on to know what made Kartik return to Goenka house...

Kartik Leaves For Work

Kartik goes out for an urgent work. Before leaving her warns Naira not to open the door until she is sure about the person.

Plumber At Naira's House

A plumber knocks the door. But Naira doesn't open the door. The plumber then assures her by getting a lady that he is there for work and will not harm her.

Goons Attack Naira!

Later, goons enter the house. Naira will be seen fighting with the goons. The plumber also tries to save Naira, but in vain.

Naira Co-incidentally Calls Goenka House!

During the fight, coincidentally, the call goes to the Goenka house. Apparently, Naira would have made a last call to Suvarna and apologised to her.

Naira Would Have Made A Last Call To Suvarna

Naira tells Suvarna that she couldn't fulfil her promise. She also tells her that she can't hurt Kartik anymore. Since this was a last call, the call by chance, goes to the Goenka house.

Who Saves Naira?

Who saves Naira from goons, is yet to be known. But this will have a great impact on Kartik as Naira gets hurt. He recalls his past and decides to return to the Goenka house.

Kartik Recalls His Mother's Incident!

Apparently, similar case would have happened with Kartik's mother. When his mother was in trouble, no one was around to help her. Kartik fears that Naira might get into trouble again and tells to himself that he can't let the same thing happen with her.

Kartik Family Happy With Kartik's Return

Singhania and Goenka family members are happy that Kartik decides to return to the Goenka house.At the Goenka house, the family members decorate the house with 108 diyas to welcome Kartik and Naira.

Dadi's Gets Upset!

But because of a diya the ‘pooja thali' gets burnt. Suvarna and others pour water to put out fire. Dadi, who is superstitious, senses something wrong and cries. But, they do not show their worries in front of Kartik and Naira. Dadi and others welcome KaIra back home!

In the previous episode, we saw Naira and Kartik searching for Luv and Kush. The goons would have kidnapped them. Luv and Kush somehow manage to escape, while the goons follow them.

Fortunately, Naira will also be at the same place. She is shocked to see Luv and Kush in trouble. She asks Luv to call Kartik and gives her mobile. The goons chase Naira and Kush. Kartik finally reach the place and find Naira along with Luv and Kush.

Kartik fights with the goons. By then, the police reach the spot and arrests the goons. Apparently, Luv would have called the police. Kartik praises Luv for his smart move.

Meanwhile, the Goenka family reach Kartik and Naira's place. They blame Naira, but Kartik, Luv and Kush support Naira. Dadi gives Naira, a bangle as shagun and leaves the place. Dadi cries on the way home, thinking about Kartik.

The family members get ready for Gangor festival. Manish is worried as he fears media would get to know about Kartik living separately!

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