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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler: Kartik & Naira Shift To New House; Luv & Kush Go Missing!

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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Kartik (Moshin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) have finally got married and are in Goenka house. Naira gets tried with post-marriage rituals, while Kartik tries to help Naira. The duo also gets ready for the grand reception party.

After all the rituals, Kartik wants leave the Goenka house. He asks Naira to shift to a new house with him to start afresh. There were reports that Naira refuses to leave Goenka house with Kartik. Check out the upcoming twist in the story....

Kartik & Naira Shift To New House

But, in the upcoming episodes, Kartik and Naira will shift to the new house. Kartik will be seen decorating the house. Kartik gets romantic, while Naira struggles.

Dadi Upset With Naira!

Kartik's family will be upset with his move. They will also be angry at Naira as she won't stop Kartik. Before shifting to the new house, Naira would have had a conversation with Suvarna.

Naira In Dilemma

Naira will be struggling to tell an important matter to Kartik, as he will be busy expressing his wish. He will be extremely happy that his dreams of getting married to Naira and shifting to a new house have come true.

Kartik Gets A Call

Kartik gets a call, but initially he ignores. But later seeing the call from an emergency number from him chachi, Kartik panics. His chachi asks Kartik to put the phone on speaker.

Luv & Kush Go Missing

Kartik's chachi reveals that Luv and Kush are missing. Apparently, the kids would have left school to meet Naira. But, they go missing.

Luv & Kush Would Have Left To Meet Naira

Before going to school, Luv and Kush would call Naira as they will be upset that Kartik and Naira left them. They cry and refuse to eat food.

Naira Lies To Them

Naira would make them understand and lie to them that she would meet them. Luv and Kush get excited and immediately after school, they leave to meet Naira.

Dadi Is Again Angry At Naira!

After knowing Luv and Kush spoke to Naira, Dadi is extremely angry at Naira. Dadi and others blame Naira for misguiding Luv and Kush.

Will This Affect KaIra's Relationship?

Will Kartik and Naira find Luv and Kush? Will Kartik return to Goenka house? Will this incident bring differences between Kartik and Naira?

Story So Far...

In the previous episode, we saw how Naira oversleeps and gets late for the reception. Kartik manages the situation and supports Naira, while Suvarna helps Naira to get ready. But, Dadi and Manish are extremely upset with Naira.

When Suvarna tries to support Naira, she asks her not to support when someone is wrong. Suvarna signals Naira not to argue with Dadi.

The Singhanias attends KaIra's wedding reception sans Naitik, who is ill. Naitik sees the gift that the family members had forgotten and rushes to meet Naira.

In the upcoming episode, Naira sees Naitik and tries to leave the stage to meet him, but Dadi stops. Kartik understands Naira's condition, but is helpless. When Naira watches her father falling down, she rushes to hold him. Dadi, Manish and the special guest (minister) are angry at Naira.

Naira apologises to Dadi, while Kartik stops her from apologising as she didn't do any mistake. Dadi is angry that Kartik is supporting Naira instead of scolding her, but doesn't show the same in front of Singhania family members.

What else is in store for Naira? How will she manage to stay with Goenkas? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

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