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Zindagi Ki Mahek SHOCKING TWIST: Shaurya And Mahek To Part Ways?


In Zee TV's popular television soap Zindagi Ki Mahek, Shaurya and Mahek (Samiksha Jaiswal) have reconciled and are all set to tie the knot again. Meanwhile,

Shaurya realizes that his grandmother is still alive and Karuna had hidden this fact from him for so many years. Shaurya re-unites with his grandmother.

An enraged Shaurya will confront ehr about the same and accuses Karuna for hiding the fact from him. On the other hand, Svetlana and Karuna are well aware that Shaurya is connected to Mahek's past, but they manage to hide the fact. (Check out the latest spoiler below)

Nani's Evil Side

In the upcoming episodes, it will be revealed that Nani is not interested in her grandson, Shaurya but only in his wealth. She will be miffed after learning that, Shaurya has named his entire wealth in Mahek's name.

Shaurya & Mahek

Nani will be seen sharing this with Svetlana, when Shaurya and Mahek will happen to arrive at the same time. Will Shaurya and Mahek get to know about Nani's evil side?

Karuna's Secret

If reports are to be believed, Shaurya's mother is not dead! Yes, you have heard it right! Shaurya's mother is responsible for Mahek's mother, Meera Sharma's death and she is imprisoned for the same.

Shaurya's Family Background

Reportedly, Nani has been blackmailing Karuna for many years regarding the same and Karuna is aware about Nani's evilness. As per the latest spoiler, Shaurya will realize that he was born into a poor family but was adopted by Karuna and given a good life.

Shaurya & Mahek Learn The Truth

Not only that, it will also be revealed that Meera Sharma's accident was caused by Karuna's car years ago. With this, both Shaurya and Mahek will be shocked.

Mahek To Leave Shaurya?

According to the latest spoiler, a shattered Mahek will reminisce her lonely childhood and will refuse to marry Shaurya once again. Will the couple ever re-unite? Keep guessing!

In The Last Episode...

Mahek's PD invites Karuna, Shaurya and his Nani to the Sharma house. But, Shaurya is still miffed with Karuna for hiding the truth from him, while Mahek hopes to sort out the issues between them.

On the other hand, Karuna is anxious thinking that her secrets might soon be revealed. For the uninitiated, the revelation of Meera Sharma being Mehek's mother has shocked Karuna completely.

While on their way to the Sharma house, Shaurya's grandmother insists to buy sweets on the way and they stop by the nearest sweet stall. While Shaurya gets busy attending a phone call, Nani spots Ravi (Mahek's uncle) and is shocked. Later, they arrive at the Sharma house and gets a warm welcome from the family.

Karun soon joins them and Mahek tries to end their differences by making them dance together.Mahek learns that Shaurya has transferred his wealth in her name and is shaken completely, but Shaurya pacifies her. Later, Nani disappears from the gathering, leaving everyone shocked.

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