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Alok Nath Suffering From Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde Problem? Pooja Bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt Support Vinita Nanda!

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    #MeToo movement has gathered momentum in the entertainment industry. After Tanushree Dutta revealed that she was harassed by Nana Patekar while shooting for their film, many of them have come forward and many 'big' names have been revealed. Recently, the noted writer-producer, Vinita Nanda exposed Alok Nath. But many of them are questioning as to why she was silent for so many years (19 years). Regarding the same, the survivor's friend, Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt spoke.

    Both of them echoed the same that nobody has the right to ask why she was quiet for so long and why she is speaking about it now!

    Alok Suffers From Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde Problem For Years!

    Pooja Bhatt was quoted by BT as saying, "I have known her for a very long time now, so if she is accusing Alok Nath of sexually assaulting her, there is no reason not to believe her. But I have not known Alok Nath, I only did one film with him where he played my father and I hardly had any scenes with him. But he is known to have an alcohol problem, and though I have not witnessed it first-hand, I have heard that he suffers from a Dr Jekyll-Mr Hyde problem for years."

    Pooja Bhatt Says…

    "She has said that she was asked to keep quiet about this and forget what happened. Who are these people who asked her to keep quiet? I feel that along with Alok Nath, all those people who have asked her to keep quiet are equally responsible, because they help such predators to continue doing these horrible crimes."

    “Nobody Has The Right To Question Vinita!”

    "I also hear people asking why she has woken up now to tell her story. I feel that nobody has the right to question why she is talking about the incident after 19 years. We have all been survivors of sexual assaults - when somebody grabbed us from the back, or punched us in the train or bottom-slapped us. If a woman as outspoken as her is talking about it after 19 years, I think that somewhere, we are going wrong in not teaching our children that they should talk about it."

    “Every Man Is Not A Sexual Predator”

    "Having said that, I also want to reiterate that every man is not a sexual predator. Also, a Twitter or Facebook post should not decide whether a man is a rapist or not. There should be a proper inquiry on this matter and the allegations should be proved."

    Mahesh Bhatt Says Vinita Never Mentioned About This For Years!

    On the other hand, Mahesh Bhatt was quoted by PTI as saying, "I was told by some of my friends from Mumbai that one of my colleagues, Vinita Nanda has gone... But she has never mentioned about this for years. But why did she not mention? because was she also... Though she has been a crusader for causes and an activist. She has fought with me on various platforms and she has worked with me."

    “Because You're Speaking After 20 Years, Doesn't Mean Your Claims Are Questionable”

    He further added, "One of my colleagues asked, 'Why was she quiet? Why didn't she speak for so many years?' Which doesn't mean why is she is speaking now? Just because you're speaking after 20 years doesn't mean your claims are questionable."

    “What Was It That Stopped You From Doing It?”

    "But it's very important that a person who is shrill about exhaling all the other wrongs that are happening and chooses to keep this... You ask what was it that stopped you from doing it. Not that I'm dismissing that as a non-issue, I'm just wanting to know."

    Sandhya Mridul Accuses Alok Nath Of Sexual Harassment; Says Drunk Alok Screamed 'I Want You'!

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