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Alok Nath & Vinita Nanda Row: Alok’s Co-stars React; Urge People Not To Jump To Conclusions!

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    Recently, the noted writer-producer of popular 90's show, Tara, Vinita Nanda accused Alok Nath of raping and harassing her. The actor received a lot of backlash from the viewers and even a few celebrities lashed out at him! Now, a few celebrities, who have worked with Alok, in interviews to media portals, have urged people to evaluate both sides of the story and not to jump to conclusions. Actress Vibha Chibber, who has worked with Alok on Bidaai, was quoted by Bollywoodlife as saying, "I worked with Alok Nath for three and a half years in Bidaai and he was a thorough gentleman."

    She further added, "I am shocked to read Vinta Nanda's post. I have no clue what happened 20 years ago. I don't even know how to react to such stuff."

    Amal Sehrawat Urges Everyone Not To Jump To Conclusions

    Amal Sehrawat, who played Alok's grandson on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, said, "I played Alok Nath sir's grandson in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and have worked very closely with him. We have had a splendid experience. I urge everyone to not jump the gun and reach any conclusion so soon."

    Alok Is A Wonderful Co-star

    He further added, "I have a very high regard for women but I also have full faith in Alok Nath sir. On set, he shared a cordial relationship with everyone and respected every actor and crew member. He is a wonderful co-star and a gem of a person. #Metoo movement is a very brave step by women but before reaching any conclusion, both sides of the stories should be evaluated."

    Hrishikesh Pandey On Alok Nath Controversy

    Alok's Piya Ka Ghar co-star Hrishikesh Pandey said, "I am shocked to know this. We really don't know what happened but I would like to say that when it happens, the person should not keep quiet. In fact, he or she should come out and fight and make sure the culprit is punished. One should not keep quiet, irrespective of the position of the person. The culprit should be punished because anything done without anyone's consent is not acceptable and one can really not understand the trauma the victims are dragged through."

    Alok Is A Sweet Co-star

    "Having said that, there are cases of people who are putting false allegations on someone, and they need to be stopped. I am on good terms with Alok Nath. He was sweet as a co-star. I think we should hear what he has to say too."

    Rakesh Bedi Says...

    Tara actor, Rakesh Bedi told Zoom TV, "It's definitely notable - maybe she didn't have the courage that time or maybe it was her friendship with his wife - so she didn't speak up. Also that time, there were social factors like - humaare upar blame aayega, hum malign ho jaaye. Aisa hua hai toh, it's unfortunate. I have no clue to his behaviour on sets, his drunkenness I have no first-hand information of anything like that."

    Ashita Dhawan Says It’s Utter Non-sense

    Ashita Dhawan, who played Alok's daughter-in-law in Bidaai, refused to believe any of the allegations and claimed them to be completely false. She was quoted by TOI as saying, "I think this is utter non-sense. This was a matter that allegedly took place 20 years ago, so why is it coming up again now and for what. Why didn't the victim take a stand then?"

    Ashita Adds…

    "Why did she not have the courage to take a stand then. Either, one resolves the matter or takes it to court but she chose not to do anything of that sort for so long. Also if at all has happened then she should take this fight of hers till the end and not only for 15-20 days just because it is the trend now."

    Vinita Visited Alok’s House Back Then!

    "I read somewhere that she (Vinita Nanda) had visited Alokji's house back then. I mean I can't fathom this; If you are accusing someone to have molested or eve teased you, you will never want to go near that person even by mistake let alone of visiting their house. One will rather slap that person and can create a ruckus if they are being physically abused especially like this."

    The Producer Should Have Directly Gone To The Court!

    "I really feel that the producer should have then directly gone to the court and should have got Alokji banned from working then and there and not after 20 years. Everybody makes a mistake and some people's ill-doings don't even get into the limelight. I really want to see how far will this producer take this. If she genuinely wants justice, she should make sure he doesn't get a chance to work in the industry any longer and not just carry on this hyped fight just for a few days while in the media glare."

    “Alokji Is An Angel”

    She further told TOI, "I have worked with Alokji for so many years. Alokji is an angel until he is not under alcohol. He does get aggressive at times, I agree. I remember we had a major showdown when he was drunk and really wanted to buy a car for Parul as he treated her like a daughter. I suggested that he can decide on the same once he is a little sober. But he took it wrong since he was under heavy influence of alcohol. He abused me verbally and was aggressive and was literally not in his senses. But the next day when he realized how he had behaved, Alokji apologised to me."

    Tara's Deven Bhojani Supports Vinita; Says He Has Heard Alok Nath Gets CRAZY When He Gets Drunk!

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