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Bigg Boss 11: Vikas & Shilpa Share Cute Moments; Vikas Makes Hina Cry!

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    Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde WEARS SAREE for Vikas Gupta | FilmiBeat

    Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its finale. The grand finale will be premiered on January 14. Yesterday (January 10), we saw Akash Dadlani getting eliminated from the show, which left only four contestants - Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma, in the house.

    As we saw, Arshi had re-entered the house for a task (Mean task), which ended yesterday. Vikas Gupta was declared as the winner. But, the task wasn't over yet as it continued today (January 11) as well.

    Vikas City

    The task was named as 'Vikas City', through which Vikas can earn certain amount for himself, which would be deducted from the final winning prize amount.

    Vikas Is The Dictator

    As per the task, Vikas has to act like a cruel dictator and has to give orders to his inmates. The inmates have to follow Vikas' order. If he or she thinks that they can't work as per dictator's order, then he or she can press the buzzer.

    Vikas City Task

    But by doing this, they will be out of the task, and Vikas will earn Rs 3 Lakhs as an amount (i.e., every time a person loses, Vikas gets to earn Rs 3 Lakhs as a reward).

    Vikas Asks Puneesh To Go Bald

    Vikas asks Puneesh to go bald, but Puneesh refuses to! He presses the buzzer. Meanwhile Hina gets into an argument with Vikas. Later, Vikas asks Shilpa and Hina to play sisters.

    Vikas Asks Shilpa & Hina To Play Sisters!

    He asks Shilpa and Hina to hug each other and kiss on cheeks every ten minutes, till the task completes. Both of them agree to Vikas' orders.

    Hina Irritates Vikas

    Vikas asks Hina to fold his clothes. While folding his clothes, Hina makes faces. Then, Vikas asks Hina and Shilpa to wear sari. While Shilpa agrees, Hina doesn't. Vikas asks Hina not to utter a word, but she irritates Vikas. Hina refuses to press the buzzer.

    Shilpa Looks Gorgeous In The Orange Sari; Puneesh Calls Her Chikni!

    Meanwhile, Shilpa wears an orange sari (as per Vikas' order). Indeed she looked gorgeous. Vikas asks her to feed him rabdi. Puneesh leaves the place saying that he will leave the lovers alone now! Puneesh even learns a Marathi phrase from Shilpa and calls her ‘Chikni'.

    Shilpa & Vikas Share Cute Moments

    Shilpa and Vikas talk about Hina that she is insecure and antisocial. Later, Shilpa comes out with make-up and both Vikas and Puneesh praise her. Shilpa cracks a joke and the boys couldn't stop laughing. We loved the way Shilpa and Vikas shared these cute moments and we are sure audiences too would have enjoyed it!

    Hina Spoilt Vikas’ Game!

    Vikas tells Shilpa that he had a plan to have more fun as he wanted Shilpa and Hina to play sisters, wear saris and prepare food for him together, but Hina spoilt it!

    Vikas & Hina

    Bigg Boss calls Hina and Vikas to the confession room. Bigg Boss tells that Hina is still in the task, while Vikas argues. He refuses to perform the task with Hina.

    Vikas Makes Hina Cry!

    After the task ends, Vikas tries to talk to Hina, but she refuses to. In the upcoming episode, Vikas will be seen ordering Hina, who although is angry at him, performs the task. She is seen in tears and tells that people are making her cry even while leaving the show!

    Vikas City Trending; Fans Compare It To Gautam City!

    Meanwhile, Vikas City is trending on Twitter. People are comparing the task to previous season task which was named after Gautam - Gautam City. Read tweets...

    Fans Tweets: Minakshi Sharma

    "Vikas City hina -kal tumhe sbse jyada vote mile aj Task gautam vala You're winning Vikas i tell you woahhhh touch wood!"


    "MOMENT OF THE SEASON NEVER IMAGINED यह भी हो सकता है यहां Jokes apart Enjoyed it completely today laughed enjoyed cute moments a lot As viewer it was treat for me to watch both 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👏👏👏 Vikas City#BB11."


    "The task was for Vikas City and Shilpa Shinde steal the Limelight with her Killing look 😂🙏🏻 Bigg Boss toh Pagal ho rahe honge Confession room mei.. The more they try to Highlight Vikas the more Shilpa steal the Limelight #BB11."


    "In Gautam City Task, Gautam Entertained us, Regained his lost Respect, Converted his haters into fans ! That episode is considered as one of the Best Episode in History of Bigg Boss. While in this Vikas City, Vikas is cruel, Disrespectful , bad Dictator ! Flop ideas 👎 #BB11."

    Tanu & @liz_LostSoul

    Tanu Verma: ‏ No... A big no... 😑😑 Gautam city cant be compared to vikas city... Please... 😐😐
    @liz_LostSoul: This episode and this week belongs to him! Vikas City.


    "#BB11 The Gautam City is ALWAYS Remembered for @TheGautamGulati Bae 💖 & Vikas City ll be Remembered 4 @shindeshilpas MULTI TASK 👌👌 SHILPA Slayed With TASKS (Entertainment)😎 LOOKS 💖 & COOKS 😘 @BiggBoss @rajcheerfull @BeingSalmanKhan Sir, Shilpa - WINNER PACKAGE 👌👌"


    "How much fun Shilpa, Puneesh and Vikas are having in VIKAS CITY. Only one person who created unnecessary drama is crying now." (Image Source: Twitter)

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