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    Exclusive Interview! Ace Of Space’s Fizah Khan Says She Feels Like A Winner Without The Trophy!


    The plus size model from Indore, Fizah Khan made a grand entry on the MTV's Ace Of Space. She was bold, outspoken and confident about herself. She was in news for verbal spat with King of Rap, Om Prakash Mishra. On the show, she gave her 100% to the tasks. Her journey on the show has been a roller-coaster ride. In an exclusive interview to filmibeat, Fizah opened up about her journey and contestants. She also revealed revealed whom she is rooting for!

    Exclusive Interview! Ace Of Space’s Fizah Khan Says She Feels Like A Winner Without The Trophy!

    Your journey on the show.

    I feel like an injured lioness. I am very proud about my own individual journey. I have experienced every emotion on my own and fought with my own self each day. Staying in the house for about 70 days - dealing with each thing, being misunderstood by the ones around you and still making a place in the finale week for myself - was a roller coaster ride in true sense. I was cornered at some point, but I came out of it as sportingly as I could. I have no regrets for anything I did on the show.

    You came on the show with an agenda and succeeded in making a point that plus size women need not be ashamed because of their size and that being plus size is also sexy. While you have been successful in proving the point, do you personally feel that you did your best?

    I personally feel that I have done my best and I am proud of the way that I have portrayed myself on the show. Be it about by body or skin - I have not been conscious about how I'm being seen on camera or on national television. It is about to stand out and I think that I have stood out. All the females were gorgeous, but I think I was the one, who people will look up to and be like 'okay she is different and she loves it!' And I have loved every bit of that.

    You are a role model in your own community. But your elimination has disappointed them in a way too! What do you have to say?

    As I already said, I have played like a lioness. A lot of time, truth is not accepted by the society. A lot of truth doesn't go in your favour. May be fans that Divya, Varun and the people who I stood against, they didn't like the truth that I spoke about them! So, a lot of truth is not going in your favour. To speak the truth is the biggest thing, and I think that I spoke the truth every moment in the show. I was one woman, who played like a man and woman both. I am very proud of my journey. I know they will be disappointed but they should feel better, because I have survived so long, and I feel like a winner without the trophy!

    Fizah Describes The Contestants

    • Faisi - Family.

    • Pratik - Best friend.

    • Divya - I have not liked her a lot when she would act fake, but in the end we are friends!

    • Varun - My relation with him was cold, because he never got to know me and spend time with me.

    • Akansha- Hate and love relationship.

    • Abhiraj - A buddy that I found, though I misunderstood him!

    • Chore - My relationship with them was great. They were a lot like me and I could connect with them.

    • OPM - One person whom I never want to see in the outside world. He is immature.

    • Riya - She left the show for me and it was the biggest sacrifice. I have found the great friend for all my life. I will always stay connected to her.

    • Shehzad - Fun relationship.

    • Kamz - We had best time of the life on the show.

    Who do you think should win the trophy?

    My best friend Pratik Sehajpal should win the show. He has been through the same zones like me - cornered and misunderstood by many. But I have come out, so someone like me deserves that title. He is the male version of me and I think the best one that happened to me. He is already a winner for me and rest anyone who wins will be a deserving one, but for me it's him.

    Ace Of Space finale will be aired on December 31 at 6 pm. Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show.

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