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Exclusive Interview: Ace Of Space’s Winner Divya Agarwal Dedicates The Trophy To Fans!


Vikas Gupta's Ace Of Space hit the headlines because of the contestants Divya Agarwal, Varun Sood and Chetna Pande. Divya Agarwal, Varun Sood, Pratik Sehajpal and Shehzad Deol were fighting for the title. While Varun wanted to win the show, it was his girlfriend, Divya, who bagged the trophy. In an exclusive interview to Filmibeat, Divya revealed that she is extremely happy that she won the first season and already has plans for the year!

Exclusive Interview: Ace Of Space’s Winner Divya Agarwal Dedicates The Trophy To Fans!

Finally, you have won the show. What was on your mind and how does it feel like winning the opening season of Ace Of Space?

One thing that was in my mind was I have to experience this journey. I wanted my journey in a document, so that entire world would watch me. In short, I wanted my journey to be captured for life! I have been through so much of struggle from past 10 years for my career and living. 'Yeh sara struggle iss show mein kaam aya hai.' All those 70 days, where I had to deal with food, living, environment and people, is the same which I experienced in my struggle period and it was worth it. Obviously, winning is a great feeling, but then for me, more important was journey.

You and Varun were single, but now you guys are a couple. What do you have to say about this?

Varun is the kind of a guy with whom I always wanted to be with! He is the one who is totally dedicated to the girl he loves. He being my best friend was the best part. We always had each other when we were alone or depressed. We had supported each other. I am glad that it happened in the show. If we didn't do this show, may be our friendship - the barrier which we had created between us - would have prolonged for some more years. We knew for the fact, always in the life, that we will end up together.

Varun had dreamt of winning the show, but you won it.

It is funny now actually, but when I was on the stage, I cried as I knew how desperately he wanted to win the show. But it all depends on the luck, journey and people! We both wanted us to reach the top two in the finale and after that it didn't matter who won the show. I think and hope that he is happy.

How do you define your journey in the house?

I was super transparent on the show and for that transparency, if people have loved or hated and given their decision I think, I agree with the opinion. In terms of environment, the journey hasn't been difficult because everyone in the house had complained that they were not getting sunlight, rooms are getting shirked, but with me it was normal. I had only problem with people who complained about Varun as I can't take it when people talk ill about the person whom I love.

My journey on the show was sorted and balanced. I am happy that I was one of the most intelligent girls in the show. Perfect balance of emotional, personal, professional, physical bond that I have within me worked for the show.

Your relationship with Chetna was sort of like 'kabhi sautan, kabi saheli'. How is your bond with Chetna now?

Now, I share sisterhood bond with her. 'Agar chetna and Varun ke beech mein kuch hota bi tha tho mujhe problem Varun se hoti thi because I knew him. That person what he was during that time was not him. This may be an influence!' But I knew for a fact that Chetna is a nice girl. It's just that I never got a chance to connect with her. But, when we came together in a room, we understood each other's problems. I think she is a great person, very understanding and I respect her for that.

What would you love to say your fans, who have made you reach here?

I love my fans. I want to thank all those 400 fan clubs who have supported me. The winning is all because of them and it's their hard work. I would like to dedicate this trophy to all those fan clubs and fans who all have made me this! I am happy that the love hasn't changed even when I was inside the house for more than two months. Because, I was scared that the world would change after I come out of the house, but I am glad that the world hasn't changed.

What's next?

I would be working with MTV every now and then. Roadies is coming up, which is something exciting. You will also see me and Varun working together in a web series. A regional movie is lined up. Out of all, one thing is for sure planned, that no more reality shows!

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