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Ishqbaaz: Bhavya Kicks Saumya's Face; Rudra & Saumya Fans TROLL Ishqbaaz Makers!

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    Ishqbaaz: Bhavya KICKS Saumya's face; Scene UPSET fans badly ! SHOCKING | FilmiBeat

    In Ishqbaaz, currently, the Oberoi family is busy in Rudra and Bhavya's wedding preparations. The Oberoi brothers are aware that Saumya wants to get married to Rudra and she has been plotting for the same.

    Although Saumya is shown in a negative role, the fans still want Rudra to get married to her and not Bhavya. Ever since, Saumya has re-entered the show and the makers are trying to unite Bhavya and Rudra, the fans are seen lashing out at the makers!

    Bhavya Kicks Saumya's Face

    A scene in which Bhavya was seen kicking Saumya's face went on air recently. The fans feel that the makers are depicting violence against women, that too on National Television, which is not acceptable! This scene and RuVya's wedding All these hasn't gone well with fans and they are seen trolling the makers.

    Kicking Scene Irks Fans: @bumblebee_xox

    "FYI I'm only annoyed with the Somu kicking scene due 2the fact that I don't think somu has done that bad compared to the snakes that raised OmRu!I wouldn't have mind the scene if both equally fought & resulted in Bhavya ending with her kick! I think they are all hypocrites #RuMya"

    Dil le lo !!! ❤

    "Fans comparing when annika slapped swet with bhavya kicked sumoo... Are u even serious?? It would sound silly She kicked with shoes?? If i am wrong correct me ...#ishqbaaaz #rumya." - (Sic)

    Sebaika Raza

    "I mean I don't want anyone ko kick Svety cuz she be the queen😅just tryna 2 make a point😬it's just ke ek bande ki respect hoti hai....😢I mean #RuMya fans ne bohaat sabar kiya hai aur agar uske badle hume ye miley ga toh I outta here🤭😤+ #Ishqbaaaz #ishqbaaz #RuMya #TeamSumo." - (Sic)

    RuMya Fans Upset With The Track: 👭Anni is HeArt Ri is ART 💖

    "TO BE HONEST EVEN NOW THEY CAN ADD RUMYA & PACK UP THE OTHER ! Revenge seeking Sumo & Rudy who vows to ruin her life for hurting his family ! He marries her to To show her hell but one day it all comes out as The oberois are not behind Mr.Kapoor's death + #Ishqbaaaz #Rumya." - (Sic)


    "This is the what the extremely egotistical & room temperature IQ holder Gul taking sadistic pleasure on #RumYa & #Ishqbaaaz fans with her 🥚jaap 😡😡😡 @StarPlus good going, no wonder your ranking is reflecting your dumb decision to make Ruvya end game 👏👏👏" - (Sic)

    Amrah Creations & NimzZzcreations

    Amrah Creations: RuvYa can never have 0.00000001% of chemistry RumYa had GulNeet your ruined the most cutest jodi. - (Sic)
    @NimzZzcreations: Do cvs really think that ru_vya will be accepted by viewer... jo bhi ho bht ganda plan ha... #ishqbaaaz #rumya #teamsumo. - (Sic)

    Umayal Ganeson

    "#RuMya 1. Love-hate relationship & unexpressed feelings in those days 2. Rudy got jealous when they a guy for Soumya 3. Now Rudy is upset that their marriage is fake! clearly there are some feelings there! When it comes to women, Rudy is unstable like his papa Tej ! #Ishqbaaaz." - (Sic)


    ‏"How can someone not fall for this beautiful girl. I'm telling y'all Rudy has a very bad choice.After all she has done for this family they give this to her in return. I'm disappointed😢 Anda has no right to kick her like this. #Rumya #Ishqbaaaz #Rumya #Leeha #Soumya." - (Sic)

    Nivedita S

    "People have lost their patience with #RuMya because a) the producer has said Bhavya's name 3 times in response to fans over Rumya. b) Neha looks pretty broken in today's episode c) they are hell bent on wiping gud Saumya memories (unfortunately the Saumya fans aren't duffers)." - (Sic)


    "I've tried to see reason in all these months, but the way the story has been destroyed for #ShiVika #RiKara, #RumYa & Bhavya is disheartening. All of their potential was lost in the inconsistent writing just to accommodate comic relief and increase forced villain count #Ishqbaaaz." - (Sic)

    Neha Gupta

    ‏"Because even the CVs in their heart know that Ruvya isn't working but to satisfy their egos, they won't give the fans what they want #rumya." - (Sic)

    (Images Source: Twitter)

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