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    Kapil Sharma’s Ex Preeti Simoes Says He Is Getting SUICIDAL Thoughts; Makes SHOCKING Statements!

    Kapil Sharma goes mad because of girlfriend Ginni, claims Ex girlfriend | FilmiBeat

    Kapil Sharma has been hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actor-comedian got into controversy as he tweeted abusive messages on Twitter defending Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, blaming and abusing system and media.

    He later claimed his account was hacked. Soon, this message too, was deleted and another tweet was made in which he had abused a journalist!

    Preeti Simoes Is Disturbed!

    Kapil hasn't made any official statement or spoken about the same. But when Hindustan Times got in touch with Preeti regarding the tweets, she sounded disturbed.

    Preeti Hopes It’s Not Kapil Who Is Tweeting The Abusive Messages!

    Preeti was quoted by HT as saying, "I am hoping it's not Kapil who has posted these tweets. The Kapil I know is a very intelligent, bright, young and dynamic man. It's most certainly his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath or maybe some friend, who is using his phone and doing all this."

    The TKSS’ Creative Producer Blames Kapil’s Girlfriend Ginni

    "And if this is what Ginni and her one year with Kapil has brought him to, I feel sorry for both of them - Kapil for the choices he has made, and Ginni, because she didn't know how to handle a Kapil Sharma."

    ‘He’s Getting Suicidal Thoughts’

    "But, if it is [indeed] him, my biggest concern is his mental health, which has deteriorated drastically in the past few months. I've spoken to him many times, he has messaged me and visited me and I've realised that he's not the same man that he was a year ago. It's not just depression.. it could be bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. He's getting suicidal thoughts."

    Kapil Has Changed!

    "I've seen a very different him. His face has changed, his eyes have changed. He switches topics when he is talking. He repeats the same things 10 times when he speaks to me."

    Preeti Wants The Person Who Is Doing This To Kapil To Take Him To A Rehab

    "Whoever has doing this to him, I really want to say, ‘give up, move out, and take him to a rehab and give the poor man a chance to live'. I am scared because tomorrow, if in this state of depression, he does something, they'll lose such a beautiful person."

    ‘This Is A Sick Man’s Behaviour’

    Regarding Kapil's alleged abusive phone call, Preeti says, "This is a sick man's behaviour. As for those abuses, in 8 years of my life with him, where we were in a [romantic] relationship as well, I've never heard him abuse."

    Preeti Adds

    "I was shocked to hear such condescending way of talking about women. Whoever the journalist's daughter is, I apologise to the woman. It's really sad what he said on record."

    Preeti Simoes Hasn’t Got Any Legal Notice!

    Preeti says she hasn't received any legal notice, she adds, "It's so childish and immature to even respond. Instead of getting into legal notices, if we really love and care for him... take him to a doctor." (sic)

    ‘When He Broke Up With Me, I Could Have Taken Out Lot Of Dirt About Our Personal Life’

    "I want to know one negative story of his personal life or information that only I could have had. When he broke up with me on a public platform and tweeted about another woman in his life, I could have taken out lot of dirt about our personal life, our equation and what he did to us, but I didn't say a word."

    ‘He’s Clearly Hallucinating’

    "What came out in the media was only about his shoot cancellations. Even in the phone call, I didn't hear him pick up a topic asking the journalist that how did you get this [personal] information. He's claiming that Dawood's wife picks up the phone and all that, he's clearly hallucinating." (sic)

    ‘He Is Crazy’

    "He is crazy. I have my own production house and I come from a very educated and professional family background. Why will I extort from him a petty amount of Rs 25 lakhs, which will be divided among three people?"

    Preeti & Neeti’s New Web Series With Sunil & Shilpa

    It has to be noted that Preeti and Neeti are coming up with the web series (Dhan Dhana Dhan) with Sunil Grover and Shilpa Shinde. The show will be aired today (April 7). Preeti doubts whether Kapil is doing all these as they are coming up with a show with Sunil.

    Is Kapil Doing This As They Are Doing A Show With Sunil?

    She was quoted by HT as saying, "Is Kapil doing all this because we (Preeti and Neeti), as a team, after one year of waiting for him... finally decided to go ahead and do a show with Sunil? Is that what's pinching him now?"

    Kapil Has Made Certain Choices But Is Not Able To Accept Them!

    "I think Kapil has put himself in a situation where he's made certain choices and he's not able to accept them. He's not able to accept that people who he left so unceremoniously in his life, have actually moved on and built their lives again."

    Preeti Did Talk To Kapil About Working Together Again!

    She further adds, "But we did talk about collaborating again for work, and that's because I feel bad for him, as I know how to handle him, and nobody else can."

    (With Hindustan Times Inputs)

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