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      Bigg Boss 13 Day 10 Live Updates: Aarti Singh Gives Anger Management Advice To Sidharth Shukla


      11:38 - Tomorrow's preview shows Aarti and Koena's fight getting worse. The boys' report card will also be updated tomorrow.

      11:36 - Devoleena is the Rani No. 1, as hers is the only pot which is intact. She is also safe from the next nominations, and won't have to do her duties for the week. She can hand over her duties to someone else. She also has to keep an eye on whether the other contestants are following the rules. Devoleena will get to use the Rani's bathroom.

      11:33 - Abu Malik gets the key and he rescues Devoleena. She throws Dalljiet's pot into the pool because she is too weak and she doesn't stand for herself.

      11:30 - Sidharth Dey gets the key and makes a show out of giving it to Rashami, while making it look like he's giving it to Shefali. Rashami throws Aarti's pot. She explains that she has tried to clarify things with her many times, whenever she has misjudged her.

      11:22 - Devoleena is hurt by Aarti's comments on her. She confides in Mahira that she always thought she was her friend but has been proved wrong.

      11:19 - Paras gets hold of Shehnaaz when no one is around, and tells her not to ruin her connection with Mahira. Shehnaaz goes along with it.

      11:17 - Sidharth gets the key and he rescues Shehnaaz again. She throws Rashami's pot because she feels even she is fake. She also brings up the kitchen fight with Siddharth as a reason.

      11:15 - Aarti gets furious when Koena says that she begs people to not nominate her.

      11:05 - Koena confronts Dey because it was he who approached Koena and apologized to her. She did not patch up with him after their fight. Koena and Aarti get into an argument over it.

      11:03 - Aarti gets rescued next and she throws Koena's pot in the water. She feels that Koena is being more fake by the day. She fights and makes up with people when its convenient.

      11:02 - Dalljiet tells Mahira to not be a second-angle in Shehnaaz's and Paras' love story.

      11:00 - Mahira, Shehnaaz and Paras get into an argument about playing dirty games.

      10:54 - The task continues, and Sidharth gets the key. He rescues Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz throws Mahira's pot because she thinks she is fake. Paras jumps into the pool as soon as she throws the pot in the pool.

      10:52 - Shehnaaz wants Sidharth to rescue her.

      10:47 - Siddharth Dey and Shehnaaz want Aarti or Mahira to become queen.

      10:45 - Paras explains his reason for not rescuing Shehnaaz to Mahira. He also tells her that she has a chance of being queen.

      10:42 - Paras confides in Aarti that he doesn't want to be behind Shehnaaz for the reason that he doesn't want everyone to turn against him. Aarti relays that information to Shehnaaz.

      10:40 - Aarti brings up the topic of Rashami and Sidharth's kitchen fight with him. She tells him that speaking as a friend, she doesn't think he is playing a game. She feels he will last till the end, but he needs to manage his rudeness and anger.

      10:38 - Shehnaaz tells Asim and Shefali why she calls herself disloyal. She reasons that no one is deserving of her loyalty.

      10:37 - Shehnaaz starts crying and tells Paras that he broke her trust twice.

      10:35 - Paras and Shehnaaz continue their fight. In the previous episode, Paras chose to rescue Dalljiet over Shehnaaz in the Rani No. 1 task. Shefali defends Shehnaaz. Bigg Boss announces that Rani No. 1 task ends for the day.

      Contestants' competitive spirit in Bigg Boss 13 is coming out more and more as each day progresses. In the run up to this season's first elimination, alliances formed are being broken, and new ones are forming.

      Bigg Boss 13 Day 10 Live: Aarti Advices Sidharth

      In last night's episode of Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra broke Shehnaaz Gill's trust in the Rani No. 1 task. Shehnaaz seemed to be very upset about it, and it looks like she will get her revenge on someone in day 10 of Bigg Boss 13.

      Sidharth Shukla has been flaring up in anger more and more on the show. In Day 10 of Bigg Boss, we will see Aarti Singh giving anger management advice to him. Stay tuned to our live updates.

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